Emma's Very Own Pinkie Pie Light!

Remember how I wrote about a Pinkie Pie nightlight previously? Well guess what… we got one!
Oh man, Emma was ecstatic! She was so excited to get her favorite My Little Pony as a nightlight. She couldn’t wait to hang it up too.

The light is super easy to put up.

Here is all it takes:

Peel the back of the wall decal off to expose the sticky side.
Put the wall decal in the location of your choosing. Spend a couple minutes just pressing it on to make sure it’s on there pretty good.
Peel DOWN the paper to expose the decal. *I say peel down because that’s the only way you’ll be able to get the decal to stick to the wall. And take your time… it’s not a race!
Use your hand to kind of smooth it all down when the paper is completely off.
The screws can be put right into the center of the spots shown for them.
And Voila! Your Pinkie Pie can hang perfectly!
Emma loved it. She laid in bed and stared at it for so long.
This is a wonderful gift for any little girl, or even a "decoration" for your own home! It really is great. I couldn't be happier with the end result.

I received this product for my honest review. My opinions have not been swayed in any way, and they are all my own. 


I'm Still Here

Hello readers!

I guess you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately. Isn’t that how life goes? One minute you’ve got your sh*t together and everything falls into place for smooth daily life, and the next you’re cranking it out day-to-day not even remembering the details as you go. In all seriousness, I barely remember last week.
As you know, I work full-time, Monday through Friday. Work life is chaotic right now. I’m working additional hours at home as well as at the office, and I’m exhausted when I’m done. I honestly have no desire to even look at a computer outside of work hours these days. And truth be told, I’m too tired to do much of anything else either. I’m mentally, and physically, wiped out. And I just sit at a desk analyzing all day long. *My husband tells me that my job is easy because I just sit at a desk. That’s a whole other blog post needed.

Anyway, life is going right along for our average little family. Alice is learning so many new things each and every day, and we’ve discovered that she has a love for singing. My heart melts every time she sings too. Emma is growing up to be a proper little lady. She’s so polite and sweet… most of the time. It’s funny to see how different they are. It’s like they’re nothing alike! Emma is going to be the girly girl and Alice will be the sporty type. Emma is very cautious and scared of everything, while Alice is adventurous and a dare devil. Emma will eat just about anything you put in front of her, and Alice is very selective (she eats veggies and such, she just wants to choose what she eats and when). I swear you’d never know they were sisters.
The cutest thing going on right now though is how Alice will do everything Emma does.  If Emma is playing Peppa Pig, then Alice has to join in. If Emma wants a snack, Alice wants the same one. Shoot, Alice won’t even take a bite of that snack until Emma does! I’m waiting for her to demand same outfits soon.

We’ve been packing our weekends full lately. I think that it’s in large part to our inactivity through the week. I’m just too tired to do anything after work, so we make sure to load up on the fun during the two days we are all together. The bad thing about doing this though, is that it leaves no time for rest, and no time for surprise events. I guess it’s a love/hate relationship.
We went to Disney on Ice last weekend, and Sesame Street Live a couple weekends prior. This weekend is nothing but house cleaning and updates (with a couple things thrown in). And the weather will be beautiful so it stinks to have made all of the plans indoors. See?!?!
Oh! My big girl Emma will be starting dance classes soon! I’m so excited for her! She love to dance. This is more ballet, but she watches ballet cartoons and she talks about it all the time. Not only will she do good, but she will look super cute doing it too. I can’t wait! Although it will be on Thursday nights… so we will see how that goes.

I’ll try to post again soon… I’m hoping to have some GOOD updates for you all. ;-)

Thanks for reading!

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You may not be able to change the world, but you might be able to change the world for one person.


Bye-Bye Bottles (18mos)

We may be a year late according to her doctor, but we have finally broken Alice of the bottle. 



Unfortunately for us, Alice never took to a binkie. I say "unfortunately for us" because it has made life harder on us for sure. If Alice was whiny, she wanted a bottle to soothe herself. Because she mimics her big sister's mannerisms, she wasn't too big on self-soothing, and instead she would just stand there and scream. After about ten minutes, I'd cave in and give her a bottle. My sanity can only take so much screaming.

Cheeeeeeeeeese Face.
I blame the binkie-less 18 months on her "tight tongue." No, not a tongue tie, but a tight tongue. I was told when she was just a couple days old that she had a tight tongue. That it wasn't anything to have surgery for, because it should work itself out over time. However, the simplest of things was/is a challenge or not possible at all. Nursing, binkies, popsicles, suckers, and now certain words. It's getting better over time, but very slowly.

She loves the cheese face. Haha!
Anyway, back to dropping the bottle. 

Happy baby. <3
My childrens' doctor is big on dropping the bottle at six months of age. I wasn't ready at that time. I was very overwhelmed (as I still am), and I didn't think I could handle sleepless nights. Okay, okay, my nights were already sleepless most of the time, but I didn't want it to get worse. So, I kept her on the bottle. At nap and bedtime, and then if she was inconsolable. 

Cheese face while eating a cheeseburger.
But I started to feel guilty. She was growing fast and acting like a big girl, but yet she still had a bottle. I think the last straw was when we took her to breakfast with Santa and we forgot her sippy cup. We had a spare bottle, so we used it. Here, she was sitting on her own, eating on her own, but she had a bottle to drink out of. Yes, it wasn't the norm, but I was embarrassed. I wondered what people were thinking. So I told myself then, that when opportunity knocked, I was going to take advantage.

She does the funniest things.
So one night, I happened to see a cup with a lid for a straw in the cabinet when I got Emma her bedtime sip of water. I thought to myself, "I'm going to have Alice drink as much milk out of this as I can, and eat as many cheez-its as she can, and see if she will go to sleep with a full belly." Low and behold, she ate seven cheez-its, drank about half of the cup of milk, fussed for about 30 seconds and went to sleep in my lap. 

Loves her "Mo-Mo."
It took 5 nights, and 4 of those nights were ROUGH to say the least. But, it worked. She is bottle free! Knock on wood, she doesn't even ask for it anymore. We don't know what each night will be like, so that's kind of stressful, but all-in-all, I guess it's going pretty well.

My rough and tumble girl. <3
My baby girl is slowly turning into a big girl!

Alice's 18 Month Appt:

Weight - 29lbs 4oz (97%)
Head - 47.5cm (78%)
Height - 33in (75%)


Christmas Season 2016

Boy, am I glad Christmas is over. Every year I start way too early because I just can’t wait, so by the time Christmas Day gets here, I’m just ready to open gifts and be done with it. I was going to rip down the lights and tree on Christmas evening, but I held it together and will do so through the week up until New Years. The sooner the better.

But, while I’m totally over the holiday (so over it that this Christmas post is way late), I’m still gushing over all of the cuteness it brought. Here are my favorite moments and pictures: