Five on Friday (First Ever!)

It has been so long since I’ve blogged. Too long. I’ve tried a couple times to put everything into words, but it never worked. And honestly, I don’t think it’ll work well this time either. So, maybe I’d better so something my friend Liz does, and do Five on Friday. :-) This is my first one, so bear with me. I’m assuming it’s just five random thoughts… am I right?

1.       1.  Gene and I are having our August date night tomorrow night. We get one date night a month, which is basically Emma staying at my parents’ house so Gene and I can go out and do whatever we want/need to do. One time we went shopping (for Emma), one time we went to dinner and a movie, one time was the Casino, and so on. You get the picture. This month I have no idea what we are doing, but there are two movies that I want to see and maybe we will see them both! Wishful thinking. ;-)

2.       2.  I have High-Risk HPV. No… not the kind from doing the deed, haha. The kind from stress. There are more than 100 different types of HPV (and the shot only protects you from so many, if you were wondering that). Basically, the more stress I have/experience, the more my cells change in a negative way. If I’m reading right, that is why it’s high risk – because stress can bring it on at any time. Well, as you’ve probably already put together, it keeps getting worse and if left untreated it becomes invasive cervical cancer. I’ve surpassed CIN I, and I’m now in CIN II. Because it advanced, I now have to have surgery (called LEEP) to have 7mm or more cut from my cervix. Okay, sorry I didn’t give a TMI warning. I go in next Friday to have it done.
*I was going to put a picture here... but they were way too graphic! 

3.         3.  Since we already talked about item #2, I should roll right in with item #3 being STRESS. My Top 3 stress factors are, in order, Work, Emma, Gene.
a.       Work – No amount of vacation time could save me. By the time I leave I am in such a bad mood that it affects me at home. I can’t get into detail so publicly, but I’m pretty sure the job will kill me if I don’t do something about it.
b.      Emma – Any child causes stress. The only thing that stresses me out anymore though (after a year of Mommy duty) is her temper tantrums. We have a plan in place but it’s hard when I’m the only one sticking to it.
c.       Gene – Which brings me to the hubs. He’s the one who doesn’t stick to it. Lol. That is why he stresses me out. Well, that and his fantasy baseball/football/hockey/soccer/bad mitten/synchronized swimming/water polo crap. ;-)

4.    4.  Since the day we brought Emma home, I have had a good grip on my cleaning schedule. It worked for so long, and now for some reason, since Emma’s birthday party has come and gone, so has my schedule. It’s not that I can’t keep up really; it’s that I can’t stay awake long enough to finish! I’m telling you, after three nights of letting one or two things slide, I’m in a twisted downward spiral of clutter. How have the dirty clothes piled up again? How is there no table showing on the dining room table? I swear I had a can of fruit somewhere in the pantry! I need a day, or even just a half-day, to catch up and start over! *I cannot bring myself to pay for someone to clean my house when it’s small enough to clean it myself… if I can stay awake long enough anyway. Haha!

5.    5.  I wouldn’t be a good Mom if I didn’t mention one Emma item here. I have been constantly floored at Emma’s words! For those of you who don’t know, an official WORD is any word that a child says the same way over and over again, every time (meaning if they say ba-ba for bottle every time, it counts as a word even though it’s not a “real” word). Emma says over 30 now! The PAT screener Melanie wrote them all down, but let me see if I can remember some: Ball, milk, bottle, dog, duck, baby, doll, Spongebob, Bubble Guppies, hot dog, Mickey, etc. Also, she has two combinations: What’s that, and who’s that. The “PAT lady” was floored at the fact that Emma says “Who’s that?” when someone knocks on the front door. She thought for sure she could differentiate between what and who. Lol. She just knows to say “who” for the front door. Any other time, you will be “what” to her. Lol. Either way, combinations are big for 18mos-2years so I’m a proud Momma. :-) OH! We also have a 100 words book that when asked, she will point to a specific item or picture. To me, that’s big news!

So there you go! My very first ever, Five on Friday post! I hope you enjoyed it. I have no idea if I did it right. Haha.

Until next time!



  1. Hooray!! I love random lists, especially on a Friday when our brains are just DEAD from the week.

    Um, so for #2 - This still means you can have another baby right?? Oh man, so stressful! Hope everything goes well though.

    #3 - Hoping you get good news on the work front soon.

    #4 - We had a hard time cleaning pre-baby, let alone with a toddler who needs constant attention. The clutter is OUT OF CONTROL. Planning to take some time to address that this weekend.

    #5 - That's amazing! I remember at her party hearing her say "baby" so perfectly. D can only say "ba" when referring to a baby. You should be proud!!

    1. Well, my Doc says that I should be able to have another baby. Should. There's scarring, and of course she could find out that it's worse than she thought. I have intentions of trying as soon as I get the green light.

      Your house is bigger than ours and multiple levels. I don't know that I would be able to keep up with yours either. We don't use the basement much, so it doesn't need cleaned too often, so it's really just one floor for us.

  2. Dang Emma! I'm impressed about her vocab too. You guys must work a lot with her. As for #2, you know how I feel about that. :-) Hugs friend!

    1. My Mom repeats everything so much! Gene and I are quiet people, and my Mom talks the whole day to Emma. And my Dad reads the "My First Words" books to her every day she's there. So I think it's all my Mom and Dad. :-)

  3. I hope everything works out with #2. That is serious business, I had a similar situation when we were in high school. Good thing for early detection.

    Also - i have a terrible time keeping up with our house and its less than 1,100 sq feet. Its insane. I'd love to have someone come once a month to help me, but I think we need to save the money for now.

    Emma has quite the vocab! How impressive! C barely says any real words so I am very jealous ;-)