Brink Recap

Whoa! Where has the time gone?!?

There are a few things to update everyone on when it comes to the Brink family.

First, and probably the most interesting, Emma can now climb out of her bed. She performs the stunt in a very acrobatic way too (no, she’s not shy, she will do it with you standing there). I thought for sure she’d forget about it after the first time, but nope, it’s a nightly game now to see how many times it takes before Mommy gets mad. Oy. So, I’m now looking for toddler conversion pieces for both cribs so that she doesn’t slip and fall on her head. Her crib came with the rail to turn it into the daybed, but conveniently, they don’t include the toddler rails (which would naturally be the next step), so you have to call and order them. The only good thing I can see coming from this is I won’t hear “Momma, put Emma in bed” anymore.

Next, Emma’s daycare is going really well! The first two weeks were rough, the third was a bit trying, but the fourth and on have been wonderful! She wants to go, and has a blast while there. However, the little booger is starting to test out her teachers by doing things like running after being told not to, climbing the chain link fence outside, and refusing to nap. She also picked up some bad habits there that she brought home to torment Mommy and Daddy with. Yes, terrible twos are very real and Emma is the perfect example of them. I lose my mind weekly. I’ve cried harder than her on multiple occasions. I’ve even done things like scream back at her or tell her that I’m leaving for good if she doesn’t stop. Yes, I know, those were both bad choices; although the screaming one does snap her out of it sometimes. I’m fully defeated with this one, and I’m at a loss for how to fix the problem. I’m now just trying to accept the fact that my child is a terror sometimes.

Emma is already "over" her breathing treatments (we call it her "Sammy" because it's Sammy the Seal). We stick to a strict routine each day so that she's aware that she's expected to do it, yet I still get a tantrum each morning and night because she doesn't want to. "No! Don't wanna' do Sammy!" And I have to do this for a YEAR?!?! Lord, help me. She throws herself down on the floor and we wrestle with time outs for at least 30 minutes. Then she finally gives in and does it. I don't get it... it takes like three minutes and she gets to watch whatever she wants during and have three M&Ms afterwards. I'd totally do it.

I think Gene’s work hours are changing, and hopefully for the better. He’s been playing around with his schedule to see if he could be off both Saturday and Sunday, which I’m kind of excited for. I mean, it’s been a while since he’s had a Saturday off (where we weren’t running like crazy) so I don’t know how we will handle two days off together, but I know he missed out on so much with Emma, so hopefully this will help to fill up his Daddy meter.

Gene and I went to an adult only reception last weekend. My parents were there too, so it was Emma's first night with someone other than one of us four. She stayed with Holli and Russ that night for a little under four hours. I think she they had a lot of fun. I'm almost positive too that she just took over the place and did what she wanted. Haha. By the time we went to get her, she was so tuckered out it was pathetic. I bet she slept like a rock that night.Did I mention that I just adore Holli and Russ?!?!?! <3

The same day as the reception, I took Emma to Oktoberfest. We met some friends there and we had a ball! Emma painted a pumpkin, had her face painted, bounced in a bounce house, climbed through a catepillar, and rode in the stroller with baby Sam. It's funny how all the kids, except for Sam, just did their own things and didn't really play with each other. Lol, kids are weird sometimes. I also picked Emma up an awesome new shirt!

*I somehow failed to get any decent pics of Sophie and Nick. They were bouncing away in the bounce houses.

I’m anxious for Christmas. Get here already, dang it! I realize that now, with Emma in daycare, we won’t have as much money for gifts and all, but I’m still excited. She’s old enough now to show her expressions more and I cannot wait to see her eyes light up. I’ve already booked us for the Polar Express, the Holiday Dinner in the Grand Hall downtown, and I plan on taking her to a breakfast with Santa event and the weekend parades on Main Street in St. Charles. I’m stoked.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t rush past the other holidays. I do enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving too, it’s just that Christmas is so magical! Speaking of Halloween, I’m still trying to decide on what Emma will be this year. I’m one of those people who are afraid to make a decision just in case it winds up sucking. Yep. So I wait and wait and wait until it’s the last minute and I’m trying to desperately find something the night before. I’ve been searching and scouring to find something great for her, but right now I’m leaning towards a more girly option than what I initially had chosen. So, we’ll see.

Okay, that’s it for now. I’ll spare you the boring details from our day-to-day lives (wake, dress, breathing treatment, school, work, home, dinner, bath, bed). I’m sure I’ll have more exciting stuff to talk about once the holidays get closer!