What I Can Remember from My Hospital Stay to Have a Baby

I don’t remember much about the time I spent in the hospital after having my girls. I mean, I do... but I don’t. 

I vaguely remember the pain while contracting with Emma. My body was trying to break itself (literally) with each contraction, and the pain was excruciating even with lots and LOTS of drugs. At one point I told my husband that I just wanted to die. I also asked him to just punch me and knock me out of my misery, but that’s not here nor there.

I do remember though how my doctor could just walk into the room and understand 100% what was going on and what I was feeling, and then magically wave her wand and make it all better. I will forever be grateful for her existence in my life as my doctor. She rocks.


I kind of remember freaking out when my lower body went numb for my c-section with Alice. It was different than with Emma, and when it happened I think I panicked thinking that the feeling would never come back. It’s a very strange and scary sensation. *And said awesome doctor was very professional dealing with my psycho actions of trying to rock myself off the table.

But, I very much remember how I heard Alice cry for the first time. I arched my neck a bit when I heard it to see the nurse put her little blue body into the heated bed to be checked all over. I stared at her wiggling away in there until they brought her over to see me. She was all puffy and tiny, and covered in goo, but she was so unbelievably gorgeous!


I can just barely recall the stiff sheets, cold room, and horrible smells all over the hospital. The noise all night long, and the inconsiderate “neighbors” who would be loud at all hours so that you could never get any rest.

But, I can remember like it was yesterday the sound of the nurses wheeling the girls in to me (I would get so excited), and how they would smell when they left and then return when they were hungry. It’s like they put this special lotion on their heads so that every time I would smell it my eyes would roll back and I would fall deeper in love.


I sort of remember all of the pain and heartache with both girls when the breast-feeding wouldn’t go as planned. I think they both starved the first few days (maybe months) of life.

But I remember the looks on their faces when they would be comforted during nursing sessions; while they lasted, as brief of a stint as it was. They were always at such peace then. Like the world would drift away and they were right where they needed to be. And I remember how it made me feel like I was finally doing something right.


I can’t tell you how many times people have told me that they are never having kids because of all the gross stuff that happens, as well as the pain. It may be 3 days of total hell, but in the end, you get to take home this wonderful piece of Heaven. Even after almost 4 years of having a child in the home, I still can’t believe I’m a Mom. And a Mom of two now to boot!

I don’t know why God allowed me to have this wonderful job, but I am so thankful every day that He did. 

I birthed both of my children via c-section at DePaul Hospital in Bridgeton, Missouri. The hospital and staff were just wonderful! I know that a lot of moms-to-be want a spa-like experience at other hospitals, but I can honestly say that you will not have a friendlier staff (trust me, we looked around first), or a more willing-to-help staff than at DePaul. And my OBYGN is Dr. Cartwright at Genesis OBGYN, also located at DePaul Hospital (she also delivers babies at two additional locations).


It's Time to De-Clutter... Now!

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of clutter.

My house has become a playground, and my husband is a hoarder.  Every drawer, cabinet, cubby, and hiding place is packed full with junk. Our main closet doesn’t even have clothes in it, and instead it has a filing cabinet and baseball cards.  Our dresser drawers are filled with old books, arts and crafts supplies, old tax documents, purses and accessories, and again, baseball cards. The basement closets downstairs are packed full with golf clubs, board games, video game accessories, Christmas trees, and yet again, more baseball cards. And then don’t even get me started on the storage/laundry room!

I. Have. Had it! I’m done. Someone has to win, and it’s going to be me or the house. I can’t live like this anymore.

I’ve started with the kitchen already. I went through half of it, throwing away useless stuff and boxing up the other junk for a garage sale down the road. I stood there this morning, lust looking at my kitchen project, and even after everything I had done last night, it still looks cluttered.

You know the saying “cleanliness is close to Godliness?” Well I think I also heard something somewhere about how living a simple life is the best way to live a holy life. Less distractions I guess.

Here is my dilemma……

I don’t care to discard of any of my kids' toys, in fear of them wishing I hadn’t. I know, they probably won’t even know that it’s missing, but what if Alice wants to stack cups one day? Or play with the blocks again? If they’re gone, maybe she will be really sad; which would make me really sad.

And then, I know I haven’t used the waffle iron in five years, but what if I want to try that tater tot recipe I keep seeing on Facebook? What if I decide to make quesadillas again and I don’t have my easy quesadilla maker? I spent $500 on a frivolous electric do-it-all skillet thing… I can’t throw that out, right?! Ugh. What’s a girl to do?!?!?!

As for clothes, have you seen the outfits I usually wear? It’s pretty much the same 8 outfit rotation. I do have other clothes, that I don’t really wear, but what if I get sick of my usual 8 outfits? If I donate all of the clothes that never see the light of day, then I wouldn’t have anything to swap out for. Right? RIGHT?!?!?!

I’ve decided to go at this full force. Useless items that are of no value to anyone will go in the trash, anything that I don’t think will sell at a garage sale will go to Goodwill (or something similar), and then everything else will be in a garage sale in the near future. I’d like to get this done as soon as possible, so I will be tackling junk drawer after junk drawer.

To the Bat Cave!

I will let you all know how my binge clean-out goes. In the meantime, do you have any advice?

*Clipart courtesy of worldatrsme and wordpress.


Our First "Family" Vacation

Sorry to my readers for being MIA for a while. The Brink family has been go-go-go for what seems like months now!

The hubs and I have always talked about going to spring training to see our STL Cardinals play, but unfortunately I’m a little tight with our savings (and money in general), so I’ve never given in for us to go. Well, I must have been bitten by the baseball bug because one day I was all “that’s it, we're going.” I won’t mention that it was Southwest Airline’s $69 one-way sale that convinced me to bite the bullet.  Anyway, that night I surprised Gene with airline tickets, hotel reservations and Spring Training tickets for just three weeks from then.

My Mom and I discussed it, and decided that it would be best for Alice to stay home with her and my Dad and not go with us to Florida. As guilty as I felt about it, I knew it was for the best. We did, however, take Emma along with us. I think I was more excited about her getting to experience all kinds of firsts, over me getting to see my Cardinals players up close.

The first night was rough. We left late at night, when Gene and I had worked all day. The flight was delayed, the car rentals in Orlando messed up, and by the time we got to the hotel it was 4:30am Florida time. Funny enough, I wasn’t THAT miserable staying up almost 24 hours, but man did it do a number on Emma.

Night Before: Here we come Florida!

Day 1: Sea World! *Also St. Patrick's Day!

Day 2: Spring Training!

Day 3: Beach Fun!

Day 4: Disney Springs (and the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique)!

Day 5: Back to the real world. :-( But back to my Alice!

I’m assuming that Emma experienced too many new things at once, because she was so grouchy the entire trip, and then she tossed and turned every night. Even talking and laughing (and crying) in her sleep. I slept in bed with her, and I can tell you that I didn’t get much restful sleep the entire trip.

I should also mention that the day we came home, the plane landed in STL at 8am that morning, and I had to be at work right away. And of course, Emma woke me up at 1am our time, and I was never able to fall back asleep (I was too afraid we’d miss our flight). That day was kind of rough, but so worth it because we saved a ton of money on flights just by taking the ones that weren’t necessarily ideal. We don’t do it all the time, so it’s perfectly okay with me!

All-in-all the trip was a success! So-much-so, that I’m already trying to figure out the next family trip. Maybe it’ll just be all of us girls (including my Mom) taking a weekend trip somewhere fun. Who knows.

I can tell you one thing, we will be doing this trip again. And maybe one day we’ll move to Florida, because let’s face it, pretty much everything about Florida is better than the comparison in Missouri. If Gene were next to me, he’d say “except the toll roads!”

Seriously though, if you visit Florida, take lots of quarters.