The Waiting Game

So, here I am. Still pregnant at 38 weeks. Yes, I do know that full term technically has always been 40 weeks, but baby is huge and actually a baby is considered full term at 37 weeks. So it's time for this bundle of joy to make its appearance already.

But instead of me seeing my baby, I sit every day and every night playing the waiting game. It's all I do anymore. I get home, eat, and then sit there thinking "why isn't my baby making its way out yet?" Weekends are even more depressing now because I can't even fathom doing anything but having a baby.

I'm getting upset. I'm getting miserable. Not to mention irritable and downright angry at times.

I blame myself. If I hadn't had such an easy pregnancy I probably would have had the baby already instead of my body making up for it being a cinch by taking forever to go into labor. And, if I hadn't pushed so hard to get the entire house ready for the baby, and it was still in the process, I'd probably be surprised with an early baby. Instead, I am completely ready and yet no baby.

I fully understand that s/he will be here any day, or as my husband says "soon enough," but soon enough is NOT soon enough. Today is good, yesterday was better, last week was best. Now, I talk to him/her all the time coaxing them to come out. I say that they can stretch out more out here, but yet nothing. Then I cry because does this mean that they don't want to be with us?

I know, I know, it's all ridiculous, but all I have is time. Time to think about all the reasons why baby isn't here yet. Time to think about everything that could go wrong during labor and delivery. Time to think over if I did something wrong during pregnancy. Time to think about if there's something wrong with my baby. That is precisely why this baby needs to come out... the longer it takes, the more bad thoughts I think and go CRAZY.


I went to the doctor for my 37 week check this past Tuesday (6/26/12). I am now 4cm dilated, 80% effaced. Bag of waters is still soft, so she doesn't think that will pop anytime soon. Also, another thing she noticed is that my pelvic opening is small, so baby's head probably wont be able to pass through... which means a c-section is pretty much my only option. However, the "regular way" is not ruled out so I need to try for it until the doctor says it's not working, and then we will move to have the cesarian.

Once she told me this, I was fine with it. I said "okay" right away without a second thought. Gene and I have seen the videos, we know the options and the possibilities, so at first I thougth it was no big deal. However, as soon as we left the doctor's office I started to think. About everything. And worry.

I've had 6 surgeries in my life already, 4 of them were larger and had risks with them. I was not planning to add another to that list, and every time I thought about Gene and I going through the whole labor process and meeting our baby for the first time it was not with me laying there with my organs on the table out of my body.

I had always thought to myself that each person's body is only so strong. What if my body was only allowed to have so many surgeries until it gave up during the next? What if it can't handle a c-section? I've been practicing my kegels, and breathing and preparing for labor... but how am I supposed to prepare for this (if it actually happens)? I mean, look at me, I'm a bigger girl, how can I have a skinny pelvis?!?!?!?!


If this baby doesn't show by Tuesday, I will have an ultrasound and another check, and then we should know even more. I'm okay with going now. I don't need to have the ultrasound. I'd rather just see baby in person than on a screen. So, if you're reading this, think good thoughts, say a little prayer and wish me luck because I need this baby out!!!



It's Getting Close

Yes, it's coming to the end of my pregnancy. I've got just 2 weeks, 4 days until my due date. Here's hoping I don't make it that far, but if I do then so be it.

I can definitely tell that it's getting close. How? It's hard to explain. It's not just the fact that at this point it feels like I'm holding a bowling ball in and it's about to fall out at any minute. I feel different. I feel... weird. I can't explain it, and I'm not sure that this is normal for everyone, but it's like I'm walking on cloud nine, not a care in the world. Or maybe it's more like an out-of-body experience? Naaaaah. Maybe it's more like my body is flipping out on me. Whatever it is, I've never felt anything like it. Sometimes it's like I need to vomit. Lol.

So, since we all know it could be any minute, this weekend was filled with lots of to-dos. Yesterday alone, Gene and I got more done around the house than we have the past 8 months.

- Car seat bases in (have to have firemen check out mine though).
- Sun screens in car.
- All floor mats washed.
- All floors swept, vacuumed, mopped, carpet cleaned, etc.
- Box in fridge for milk bags and pump parts.
- New shower curtain up.
- Baskets in bathroom replaced with fancy new ones.
- Baby's bath stuff has a place of it's own.
- Baby's bottles, pacis, containers, etc. all boiled and sanitized.
- Bottle warmer set up and ready to go.
- High-chair put together and ready to go (for months down the road, haha).
- Stroller put together and ready to go.
- Every counter-top or surface cleaned and sanitized.
- Every dish washed.
And so much more.......

There are still a few things that need to be done that I've delegated to Gene since he is off 3 days a week, and he better get them done soon just in case. :-) However, I feel like I'm going the extreme because I even want to do things like trim the bush in the front yard, put mulch around the trees in the back yard... like the baby is really going to care about those things!

I've also had a revelation that Gene and I have so much crap! I can't believe just how much stuff we are attached to. Why do we have such a hard time throwing things out, or selling them? I mean, it shouldn't be an issue to throw out that old coolie cup that we haven't even considered using in years b/c it's falling apart. But yet it turns out that Gene has some special bond with it. Lol. We are going to need some help. Lol.

Update: Baby may be head down and low, but s/he is also way up in my ribs. It's hard to breathe, hard to put lotion on my legs, hard to get in and out of the car, and so much more. I also find myself worrying more about if s/he is okay in there. There maybe a lot of movement, but even a baby with problems would move around and have a strong heartbeat.

**Got a call from my OB's office, and they've rescheduled my ultrasound until July 3rd. It's a week and a half before I'm due... I mean what's the point then? Why pay all that money when I could pop any day? I've cried 3 times about the reschedule already. I don't feel like it's fair somehow, and I'm an emotional wreck. At least I could have seen my baby and made sure s/he is okay.
I'm just a worry-wart.



Week 36 Update

Today I hit the 37 week mark... here's me today:

I had my week 36 check-up this past Tuesday (the 19th), which was actually 36 weeks, 4 days. It was to be my first "thinning check" and Gene didn't think he would be comfortable in the room with the doctor "down there," so while he drove me there he waited in the waiting room and I went in alone.

First of all, I just want to say that I LOVE my doctor. I used to just see nurse practitioners so I never even met her until I became pregnant, and I'm sorry to say that I will be super sad to not see her for regular check-ups after Baby Brink is here. But, I understand that she is super busy and it's easier for her to handle the pregos while the NPs see the routine check-ups. I can also sense that she knows I like her so much more than her co-doctor-person there (idk what they call her). I hope I get my doctor when I go into labor!

So when in the room she checks the heartbeat, which is good (she doesn't always tell me what it is), she measures my belly (she NEVER tells me this one), and then she does the thinning check (which is inside). I heard that when she does the "hand checks" it hurts a bit, and yes, it does. It feels like a very severe period cramp. VERY severe. Haha, before she even did it I said that I heard it hurt and she says "oh, you'll just feel some pressure." Well, I don't know if it's because of what I'm about to tell you next, but it wasn't just pressure, it hurt. Not enough to cry, but enough to remember that it hurt and be nervous for next week's check.

So, while she's checking, she says to me "Oh! It looks like you're at 1cm already. Oh, no, wait, 3cm!" I think my eyes bugged out there, lol. Then she says "And there's the head, I can feel your baby's head so s/he is low." First thing I thought here was I guess there's no more hanky panky for Gene because I'm not going to risk hitting my baby in the head (sorry if you're reading this mom!).

After the check was done and she helps me sit up, she sat down and says "I'm going to schedule an ultrasound for next week for you." Whoa! Hold the train. I replied "Well, the girls at the front desk had told me before that I would only get another ultrasound if you thought there was something wrong. Do you think there is something wrong?" She said "No, not at all, we just need a diagnosis code to be able to bill (I"m very familiar with this so no more explanation is needed there) and I need to check your baby's weight because you're measuring bigger than usual."

I asked how much I was measuring. I was between 36 and 37 weeks so I should be around there, and she said I was at 40 already, which in my mind means a possible full-term baby! See, baby's head is way low, low enough to feel with a hand already, and yet baby is also way up in my ribs. So, it's either a big baby, or s/he is stretched out in there and not all compact like most are. Either way, after the ultrasound on Tuesday we should know more. Here's hoping it's not a 12lb. baby! I mean, I'll still take it of course, but ouch!

Oh, here's the other kicker... the doctor said she'd be out of town this weekend in Miami, so if I "go" this weekend it would be the other doctor to deliver. I paused and said "so you think I can go this early?" Her response was "well, your water is still a little tight, so you probably wont go by the weekend, but it might be sooner than we thought." So there you have it folks... it can be any day now.

So now that I know I'm super close I've been frantically trying to get everything bought, cleaned, disinfected, set up, organized, etc. There's so much to do, and here I thought I had it all under control.

Side Notes:

- My swelling has gotten worse. I now wake up with swollen feet and ankles and it lasts all day long. I've reduced my salt intake, and I can't increase my water intake because I already drink water like I breathe it or something, so I think it's just part of the game at this point. Even elevation is no help. Oh well.

- As I just mentioned I've been drinking water like I'll never drink again. I have no idea why, but I'm thirsty all day long and ice and water are my best friends. I eat 52oz of QT ice every morning (well, after it melts it probably more like 40oz), fill my same cup with water and drink 52oz of water by about 7pm, and then either I drink more water, or lately it's been snow cones. Mmmmm, Molly O's Tropical Sno has a birthday cake flavor that is to die for! Yum!

- I itch. All over. All day and night. It took forever to fall asleep last night because every 5 seconds somewhere else would itch. It's like this all the time. Even lotion is no cure. I read that itching like this could be a sign that there's liver damage, but I'm trying not to ponder on that.

- I definitely got the pregnancy mask that so many talk about, and it's not just on my face. I plan to visit the dermatologist while I'm on leave b/c I'm tired of being so blotchy. I've never read anywhere if I can expect it to go away on it's own.

- Gene is nesting. It is so cute. He says he's ready to expand our family. Some of the things he says or the looks he gives me just melts my heart and I could cry at the drop of a hat. He is going to be such a good Daddy and I find myself more excited to see him with our baby than anything else. I'm even getting teary-eyed just thinking about it now. I don't know how I got so lucky, and a lot of times I wonder when it's going to fall apart, but I might just lock him in the basement so I can keep him forever. ;-)

Here he is putting together the baby's new swing:

So, I'm still playing the waiting game. It's getting harder and harder and I cry sometimes because I just want our baby to be here. To me, I feel like I've waited long enough, and I keep telling Baby B to just come out and meet us already, but still nothing. I hope this isn't a sign that our baby wont listen to what we tell it. Haha.

3 weeks to go.



Breast-Less Feeding

BEWARE: This gets personal!!!

So, by now most people are aware of my plan to breast feed by pump only. For those of you who were not aware, I am choosing this route because I do not feel that I would be comfortable with baby on there directly, but yet I know the greatness of breast milk is supposed to be better than anything else. So, my resort is to pump exclusively.

Now, since I only plan to do this for 4 weeks (I want to dry up before I go back to work) I cannot see paying $200+ for a good pump. So I've decided to rent a pump and parts from the hospital - it comes with everything that's not disposable, it's been sanitized well by the hospital, it's hospital grade (supposedly the best) and as long as I return it to them clean and in it's original condition it is only $45 per month to rent. This, I feel, is a win-win.

Even though I've got my whole plan in place, I still keep questioning doing the "real" thing. Why? Well, let me break my thoughts down for you:

Pros to the "Real" Thing:
- I can just feed baby right away and not have to worry about anything else. Feed, and done.
*Hmmmm, that's the only one I can think of.

Cons to the "Real" Thing:
- I have very sensitive nipples (to be quite frank, lol). Sometimes the slightest touch could literally piss me off. Would it be different if it was my baby though?
- Gene wouldn't get to feed the baby until after done with 4 weeks. Unless we make plans to do so with a bottle, but then I'd just be pumping anyway.
- With my Mom staying with me for 3 weeks or so, I don't think I'd be comfortable with baby being on my boob with her there. I mean, what would she be thinking? Ew. We are just not that type of family.


Pros to Pumping:
- Gene can feed baby any time he wants to. As well as my family members feeding baby too.
- I can go into the other room to pump while someone watches the baby so I can do it all in private. I'm sure it will be trial and error and I might not want the embarrassment.
- I wont feel awkward having a baby on my boobs (previously Gene's territory), and I wont get that irritating feeling of something on my nipples.

Cons to Pumping:
- It can take longer to extract the milk (some people say it takes up to 45 minutes to empty every time).
- Will I feel like a cow?
- Will I still feel awkward with my Mom knowing I'm in the other room milking myself?


Same for the two:
- As long as I keep the pump parts in the fridge, I will only need to clean them once a day if pumping... which would be the same as the "real" thing (b/c I'd still pump some to keep stored away).
- The frequency would be the same, about every 2-3 hours between pumpings/feedings, and even at bedtime.
- Supposedly the same amount of soreness, but I'm sure this could vary.

Now that I put it down on "paper" I think I might feel more comfortable about the whole Pump-Only option I've been planning on. I know it will be time consuming, and I'm sure I will get very emotional being milked all day long, but I'm confident that I can get a routine going and maybe it will all work itself out.

Anyone have any additional thoughts on this for me to consider? This is all new to me, so any advice would be great to hear.

3 weeks, 4 days until due date! Yay!




Want to hear something funny? I got on here to blog about how hard being pregnant has been for me lately. I was going to go on and on, and on about my swelling, and achy back, and itchy skin, and sleepless nights from potty breaks, and so much more. But before I started my post, I read the ones posted recently by Alyssa and Liz (new Mommys), and once I was done I said to myself "Wait, what was I going to talk about?" Now all I have in my head is "I cannot wait to meet my baby!" Not that I ever quit thinking it, but it's the prominent thought again.

So, while I now have nothing really to talk about, I thought maybe I'd still do a short blurb about how things are progressing. I haven't been to the doc yet again, but I go next Tuesday. I weighed myself last night and I am at 13 pounds now, and I expect to be around 14 or so for the appointment. Also, at this next visit I should get my Strep B results and my first "thinning" check. Hubs says he will drive me there but he doesn't want to go in the room with me because he thinks he would feel uncomfortable with the doc "down there." Lol.

Now that I'm 4 weeks away from due date (and wondering if I will possibly go early) I'm starting to panic every so often about things.

I am going to be a mom. Forever. In charge of a little person. When I can barely take care of me.

I guess that's my biggest thing... it's forever, and I might suck at it. How nerve wrecking!

But then I start thinking more, and I get so excited! Ugh. I'm a mess! Nervous, excited, nervous, excited...

I am going to try my hardest to not post negative comments about being pregnant, although I'm sure I will eventually anyway. And I'm going to try to focus on the fact that I will have a little bundle of joy int he end. Here I was naive and thought that since the first 33 weeks were so easy, the last 7 would be too. Boy was I wrong, and it's just getting harder.

Here's hoping that I can handle this better.



More Baby Showers

This past Friday (June 8th) was our Jean and Lunch day at work. Well low and behold lunch turned out to be a surprise baby shower for me. I was so embarrassed. I stood there shocked and silent, staring at my feet, with tears in my eyes. Thank goodness someone cracked a joke and we all started eating otherwise who knows how long it would have lasted like that.

I got a lot of great gifts! I'm grateful b/c I got some things that I don't think I would have gotten if they hadn't thrown it for me. Gene got the diaper bag he really wanted (it looks like a briefcase so it shouldn't be too embarrassing for him), Helen made, yes MADE us a scrapbook for our baby so that we only need to tape the pictures in there and it will look professional, Linda gave us a complete animal themed health care set, Jen Knight I think organized collecting money and shopping for the large group, and Trishia home-made a Baby Brink cake and decorated the room too. Everyone did a great job keeping it a surprise and making it a great day. Again, I couldn't appreciate it more, it was so wonderful!

Sunday (June 10th) was my family baby shower and Gene's family diaper party. Now, my mom is not a party hostess really. I mean, she's great at being hospitable, and when it's just some people coming over for cards she can put out a spread, but a whole party? She was lost. I had to help her out a lot - which I don't mind at all because I love, love, LOVE to throw parties, but I wanted to be sure nobody knew how I helped out... that was definitely not the case. Oh well, it was fun anyway.

Dad also had no idea how to handle the diaper party. Poor Gene walked outside, said hello to everyone, and then stood there by himself for 10 minutes before people started talking to him. My Dad likes to be the center of attention a lot, so he was keeping the conversation held on him for a while, and let's face it, Gene is not a very social person anyway.

It ended up being a better turn-out than expected as a bunch didn't RSVP, so we were pleasantly surprised. And the food was great! I got lots of compliments on my chicken salad, and a couple asked for Ben's Mom's macaroni salad recipe. Our veggie cups seemed to be a hit too! I enjoyed myself, and I ate a lot. By the end of it all, I was so exhausted. I went to bed at 9pm last night and slept until 7am this morning (except for bathroom breaks of course).

A funny thing that happened: Of course everyone asks a million questions at these things, one being if I am planning on having more. I answered them by saying "After my recovery time, and after I have a month or two of not being pregnant, we may start trying again." My mom was shocked. Her jaw dropped. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, she didn't really want grandchildren, so I think she was thinking that the one was it. But, Gene and I were both only children, and to this day we wish we had siblings so we figured we wouldn't give our child that longing feeling either. It's hard being the only one, but both my parents come from huge families, so I'm assuming they didn't want that chaos for me.

Now that the showers are all over, I am going to really work on the baby's room and get a few things that we didn't get and will need before Baby Brink is here. I'm excited to say that it's only 4 weeks and a few days until due date! I know it's going to be hard work, and my body will be put through hell, but I'm ready for it all.

I just keep picturing Gene holding our baby, and no other thought could be sweeter.



Week 34 Check & More

I had my week 34 check last night. As soon as I get there the PCC informed me that the doctor was still out for a delivery and I'd have to see the other doctor - who I call "the back-up-plan." I know this shouldn't bother me because one day she might just be rushing off to deliver my bundle of joy... but it does bother me. It's the 3rd time this has happened!

Right before I got called in the nurse came out and said Dr. C was on her way and I decided to go ahead and wait for her since I had already been waiting 40 minutes. I like Dr. C so much better; she has a sense of humor and can tell me things from experience because she's had kids before. She just always puts me at ease when I'm uncomfortable or worried.

I had a list of questions for her when she came in which she answered all of them exactly how I knew she would. Kind of seems silly to waste her time when I know what she is going to say. She did call me in an Rx for my bum. :-) Let's hope this stuff works better than everything else.

So here's the gist: I'm up to 12 pounds gained (averaging a pound a week now, and I can totally tell that it's going everywhere but my belly), belly measured 35 which is great, BP was good, and swelling, although a lot for me, was considered minimal. Everything is on track to go the full term. To be honest, I was hoping she'd want me to have another ultrasound, but no such luck. Oh well.

She did the strep B test this time which I didn't feel at all, and next appointment starts the hand checks for how my "insides" are progressing. I told Gene that if he was uncomfortable with it he didn't have to go with me anymore; he couldn't go yesterday as we had someone come in and fix some stuff in the baby's room. I'm nervous about the hand checks because I heard they can be painful.

Since my appointment was pretty uneventful for the most part, I'm going to lump in some other stuff to this blog.


Two and a half weeks ago I sent my "Post-Leave Schedule Proposal" to my direct supervisor to take to my "big boss" to go over. I had requested that we have all the details worked out within a two week time frame, and I found out today that it has not even been discussed yet. And the "big boss" is on vacation until next week Wednesday. It's so frustrating because just like everything else around here it will probably get pushed back until the last second.


Gene admitted to me last week that he is scared. About having a baby. I think that was the most honest Gene has ever been to me about his feelings. He normally just keeps everything in, which bothers me because who knows what he's thinking. But once he told me that he was scared... you know, I don't know how I felt about it... I think I was just in shock that he was scared of something.

I know that he isn't experiencing much with baby now because it's inside me for the moment, and he is overwhelmed with how much we still have to do to the house in preparation for baby, but I didn't think he was scared. I'm the one who has to get this baby out somehow and yet I couldnt' be more excited to have our bundle here already.

Maybe he's scared we wont be any good at this. He's great though. He shouldn't worry at all. Even with Okie, he always knows what to do, and what she wants, and helps her when she needs it. If anyone should be scared it should be me.


So, I'm out of breath all the time now - I'm assuming this is due to baby taking up all the room inside for my lungs. Even when I get out of bed to go to the bathroom and then get back in bed I'm huffing and puffing away. It doesn't bother me too terribly bad, but I think it gets on Gene's nerves sometimes.

Acid Reflux is really bad. Every other night I wake up choking from whatever it is coming up into my throat and suffocating/drowning me. I eat Tums a lot at night now. Almost any time I get up I pop a couple. It even happened to Gene once too - it was the first time ever and I think it was "sympathy reflux."

I get pretty bad stomach pains. It's not gas, but it is like a bloated feeling. Sometimes it makes it hard to even stand up straight. I just lean back in a chair to work or relax and it seems to be fine... until I get up again. I'm thinking this just comes with the home stretch territory.

Over the weekend I wore some strappy sandals and couldn't reach to get them buckled. Gene had to do it for me, and once in front of his friends at the pool. They picked on him because of it but I am very grateful.

I also cannot see stairs when I'm going down so I have to lean to one side to see where I'm going. And then I also find myself getting more clumsy - this morning just going to sit in my car I somehow dumped half of my tea down my leg.

It's almost over though!

All in all things are going well. And each day I get even more anxious about Baby B getting here. I cannot wait!



"Friend" Baby Shower

Yesterday, June 3rd, My friends Jessica and Holli threw me a baby shower at Jessica's house in New Town. It wasn't a long shower by any means (which was quite relaxing actually), and it was just all around great.


Jessica Schaub (Hovanec)
Holli Schmidt
Carol Hoffman (Angie's mom)
Caitlin Willer (Crossman)
Michelle Manley
Colleen Dietrich (Williamson)
Lauren Piper
Laurie Andreski
Colleen Carter
Sandy Morris (my mom)

We sat around and talked and ate for about an hour maybe, and then we moved right on to the gifts and Baby Bhower Bingo while opening gifts (which Colleen Cater had won). The gifts were great, and there was plenty of ooohs, and ahhhs and awwws going on the entire time. I couldn't be more grateful that I have friends who would do all this for me. Who knows where Gene and I would be without them.

After the gifts people slowly started clearing out, and we were talking and catching up with old friends the entire time. Can I just say that I miss my high school friends who I don't see anymore? I love seeing how they all grow up and achieve their own dreams. Can't wait for our reunion that is supposed to be this year.

Next weekend is the "Family" Baby Shower and the "Family" Diaper Party for Gene. I'm anxious to see some of the family bc a lot of them haven't seen me since I first got pregnant. Also, tomorrow night is my next Dr. appt., so hopefully I will have more updates on how I'm progressing.

5 weeks, 3 days until due date!



Last Childbirth Class

Well, Gene and I made it through 4 childbirth preparation classes. Let me first say that while I feel better about some things like the epidural, I am now more terrified than ever about all the different things that could be "wrong" with baby. It's crazy! Who knows what Baby B will be like when they enter the world.

Anyway, so very first off the guys in the class had to sign a waiver to use the fake maternal tummy. Here is Gene (who got to go first):

He was a trooper. He sat there for about 30 minutes fidgeting, sighing, switching positions, leaning forward, leaning back. Lol. Then, when the teacher asked him if he felt more sympathy for me he chuckled and replied "no." She asked why not, and he said "well she's only gained 10 pounds so far and this is 35." But, she made him try to reach his shoes to tie them, and a couple other things and he saw how difficult it really was to perform simple tasks. *Last night every time I accidentally woke him up trying to get out of bed to go pee he gave me a nudge to help, so I think the teacher got her point across. :-) 

The other guys in class were definitely being boys about wearing the belly. They kept taking pictures and whining and such. I'm glad Gene acted like an adult for his part. Except the fact that he (and the other guys too) had to grab onto the boobs as soon as he got the thing on. Lol. It was like gravity for all of them which is funny because they aren't real of course.

I'm pretty sure I look better pregnant than he does. Ha ha.

We went over everything postpartum last night. I cannot believe everything they do to our poor babies! And let's not even discuss the fact that boy babies back in the day (not really that long ago) didn't even get numbed before being circumcised. Even though the baby can't yell or do anything but cry it's horrific to think about them being in that kind of pain right out of the womb.

The left-over cord creeps me out. All I can picture is that episode of Sex in the City where Brady (Miranda's baby) was just chilling there when his fell off, and the cat got a hold of it and started playing with it and chewing on it. Gag me! Side note here... When I was about 11 or 12 we found out that a part of my cord was left behind. I all of a sudden started getting infections in my belly button and finally they realized what it was. They used the silver nitrate on it, but my belly button has never been the same since. I'm hoping that was a fluke and isn't a common thing.

The most fun of the night was when she went over the different ways to hold the baby and how to change a diaper and swaddle them. Since we are taking an infant care class in June where we will do that stuff in more detail I let Gene do it all this time around. He was so cute. So cautious. Seeing him do that to the fake baby made me that much more anxious for ours to get here.

We saw a video about how to sponge bathe your baby until the cord falls off, and we saw how to give them a real bath. They talked about breast feeding and about all of the emotions that will hit like a train. We saw tons and tons of pictures about different skin conditions (common and uncommon) and different things that could be a result of labor (funny shaped heads, enlarged breasts on baby, enlarged genitals on baby, etc.). And what I found interesting was all of the information on how to take care of yourself after baby. I'm already having issues, and then there will be more?!?! I guess I always knew there would be, but I wish I didn't find out for sure ahead of time. Some things are better off being unknown.

The teacher gave us a ton of formula, and a voucher for 24 bottles of Enfamil formula too. We got a lot of info on where to go to get our car seats put in by someone else, and where to go for mommy and me type classes. Oh, and I'm thinking more and more about breastfeeding instead of pumping now but I think I'll wait until baby's birthday to decide. 

So that was the gist of last night's class. The mood was light as it signaled we were that much closer to our due dates, and the topics were all about our babies being here. I really enjoyed taking the classes, and while everyone says I wont use the breathing I hope that I retain a lot of what I learned to use in other areas. I especially hope I remember the steps to swaddle the baby!

My first baby shower is Sunday, so I should have a good post on Monday.

Until then.