Week 34 Check & More

I had my week 34 check last night. As soon as I get there the PCC informed me that the doctor was still out for a delivery and I'd have to see the other doctor - who I call "the back-up-plan." I know this shouldn't bother me because one day she might just be rushing off to deliver my bundle of joy... but it does bother me. It's the 3rd time this has happened!

Right before I got called in the nurse came out and said Dr. C was on her way and I decided to go ahead and wait for her since I had already been waiting 40 minutes. I like Dr. C so much better; she has a sense of humor and can tell me things from experience because she's had kids before. She just always puts me at ease when I'm uncomfortable or worried.

I had a list of questions for her when she came in which she answered all of them exactly how I knew she would. Kind of seems silly to waste her time when I know what she is going to say. She did call me in an Rx for my bum. :-) Let's hope this stuff works better than everything else.

So here's the gist: I'm up to 12 pounds gained (averaging a pound a week now, and I can totally tell that it's going everywhere but my belly), belly measured 35 which is great, BP was good, and swelling, although a lot for me, was considered minimal. Everything is on track to go the full term. To be honest, I was hoping she'd want me to have another ultrasound, but no such luck. Oh well.

She did the strep B test this time which I didn't feel at all, and next appointment starts the hand checks for how my "insides" are progressing. I told Gene that if he was uncomfortable with it he didn't have to go with me anymore; he couldn't go yesterday as we had someone come in and fix some stuff in the baby's room. I'm nervous about the hand checks because I heard they can be painful.

Since my appointment was pretty uneventful for the most part, I'm going to lump in some other stuff to this blog.


Two and a half weeks ago I sent my "Post-Leave Schedule Proposal" to my direct supervisor to take to my "big boss" to go over. I had requested that we have all the details worked out within a two week time frame, and I found out today that it has not even been discussed yet. And the "big boss" is on vacation until next week Wednesday. It's so frustrating because just like everything else around here it will probably get pushed back until the last second.


Gene admitted to me last week that he is scared. About having a baby. I think that was the most honest Gene has ever been to me about his feelings. He normally just keeps everything in, which bothers me because who knows what he's thinking. But once he told me that he was scared... you know, I don't know how I felt about it... I think I was just in shock that he was scared of something.

I know that he isn't experiencing much with baby now because it's inside me for the moment, and he is overwhelmed with how much we still have to do to the house in preparation for baby, but I didn't think he was scared. I'm the one who has to get this baby out somehow and yet I couldnt' be more excited to have our bundle here already.

Maybe he's scared we wont be any good at this. He's great though. He shouldn't worry at all. Even with Okie, he always knows what to do, and what she wants, and helps her when she needs it. If anyone should be scared it should be me.


So, I'm out of breath all the time now - I'm assuming this is due to baby taking up all the room inside for my lungs. Even when I get out of bed to go to the bathroom and then get back in bed I'm huffing and puffing away. It doesn't bother me too terribly bad, but I think it gets on Gene's nerves sometimes.

Acid Reflux is really bad. Every other night I wake up choking from whatever it is coming up into my throat and suffocating/drowning me. I eat Tums a lot at night now. Almost any time I get up I pop a couple. It even happened to Gene once too - it was the first time ever and I think it was "sympathy reflux."

I get pretty bad stomach pains. It's not gas, but it is like a bloated feeling. Sometimes it makes it hard to even stand up straight. I just lean back in a chair to work or relax and it seems to be fine... until I get up again. I'm thinking this just comes with the home stretch territory.

Over the weekend I wore some strappy sandals and couldn't reach to get them buckled. Gene had to do it for me, and once in front of his friends at the pool. They picked on him because of it but I am very grateful.

I also cannot see stairs when I'm going down so I have to lean to one side to see where I'm going. And then I also find myself getting more clumsy - this morning just going to sit in my car I somehow dumped half of my tea down my leg.

It's almost over though!

All in all things are going well. And each day I get even more anxious about Baby B getting here. I cannot wait!


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