Week 36 Update

Today I hit the 37 week mark... here's me today:

I had my week 36 check-up this past Tuesday (the 19th), which was actually 36 weeks, 4 days. It was to be my first "thinning check" and Gene didn't think he would be comfortable in the room with the doctor "down there," so while he drove me there he waited in the waiting room and I went in alone.

First of all, I just want to say that I LOVE my doctor. I used to just see nurse practitioners so I never even met her until I became pregnant, and I'm sorry to say that I will be super sad to not see her for regular check-ups after Baby Brink is here. But, I understand that she is super busy and it's easier for her to handle the pregos while the NPs see the routine check-ups. I can also sense that she knows I like her so much more than her co-doctor-person there (idk what they call her). I hope I get my doctor when I go into labor!

So when in the room she checks the heartbeat, which is good (she doesn't always tell me what it is), she measures my belly (she NEVER tells me this one), and then she does the thinning check (which is inside). I heard that when she does the "hand checks" it hurts a bit, and yes, it does. It feels like a very severe period cramp. VERY severe. Haha, before she even did it I said that I heard it hurt and she says "oh, you'll just feel some pressure." Well, I don't know if it's because of what I'm about to tell you next, but it wasn't just pressure, it hurt. Not enough to cry, but enough to remember that it hurt and be nervous for next week's check.

So, while she's checking, she says to me "Oh! It looks like you're at 1cm already. Oh, no, wait, 3cm!" I think my eyes bugged out there, lol. Then she says "And there's the head, I can feel your baby's head so s/he is low." First thing I thought here was I guess there's no more hanky panky for Gene because I'm not going to risk hitting my baby in the head (sorry if you're reading this mom!).

After the check was done and she helps me sit up, she sat down and says "I'm going to schedule an ultrasound for next week for you." Whoa! Hold the train. I replied "Well, the girls at the front desk had told me before that I would only get another ultrasound if you thought there was something wrong. Do you think there is something wrong?" She said "No, not at all, we just need a diagnosis code to be able to bill (I"m very familiar with this so no more explanation is needed there) and I need to check your baby's weight because you're measuring bigger than usual."

I asked how much I was measuring. I was between 36 and 37 weeks so I should be around there, and she said I was at 40 already, which in my mind means a possible full-term baby! See, baby's head is way low, low enough to feel with a hand already, and yet baby is also way up in my ribs. So, it's either a big baby, or s/he is stretched out in there and not all compact like most are. Either way, after the ultrasound on Tuesday we should know more. Here's hoping it's not a 12lb. baby! I mean, I'll still take it of course, but ouch!

Oh, here's the other kicker... the doctor said she'd be out of town this weekend in Miami, so if I "go" this weekend it would be the other doctor to deliver. I paused and said "so you think I can go this early?" Her response was "well, your water is still a little tight, so you probably wont go by the weekend, but it might be sooner than we thought." So there you have it folks... it can be any day now.

So now that I know I'm super close I've been frantically trying to get everything bought, cleaned, disinfected, set up, organized, etc. There's so much to do, and here I thought I had it all under control.

Side Notes:

- My swelling has gotten worse. I now wake up with swollen feet and ankles and it lasts all day long. I've reduced my salt intake, and I can't increase my water intake because I already drink water like I breathe it or something, so I think it's just part of the game at this point. Even elevation is no help. Oh well.

- As I just mentioned I've been drinking water like I'll never drink again. I have no idea why, but I'm thirsty all day long and ice and water are my best friends. I eat 52oz of QT ice every morning (well, after it melts it probably more like 40oz), fill my same cup with water and drink 52oz of water by about 7pm, and then either I drink more water, or lately it's been snow cones. Mmmmm, Molly O's Tropical Sno has a birthday cake flavor that is to die for! Yum!

- I itch. All over. All day and night. It took forever to fall asleep last night because every 5 seconds somewhere else would itch. It's like this all the time. Even lotion is no cure. I read that itching like this could be a sign that there's liver damage, but I'm trying not to ponder on that.

- I definitely got the pregnancy mask that so many talk about, and it's not just on my face. I plan to visit the dermatologist while I'm on leave b/c I'm tired of being so blotchy. I've never read anywhere if I can expect it to go away on it's own.

- Gene is nesting. It is so cute. He says he's ready to expand our family. Some of the things he says or the looks he gives me just melts my heart and I could cry at the drop of a hat. He is going to be such a good Daddy and I find myself more excited to see him with our baby than anything else. I'm even getting teary-eyed just thinking about it now. I don't know how I got so lucky, and a lot of times I wonder when it's going to fall apart, but I might just lock him in the basement so I can keep him forever. ;-)

Here he is putting together the baby's new swing:

So, I'm still playing the waiting game. It's getting harder and harder and I cry sometimes because I just want our baby to be here. To me, I feel like I've waited long enough, and I keep telling Baby B to just come out and meet us already, but still nothing. I hope this isn't a sign that our baby wont listen to what we tell it. Haha.

3 weeks to go.


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  1. LOL at no hanky panky. Just wait until baby gets here, my DH has a countdown going until we're good to go like I'll feel like it or we'll have time, seriously, we cross paths for about 2-3 hours a day by the time I go to bed. So excited for you!!! You'd better tweet up a storm when you go into labor so I can stalk you all day (or night-I'll be up!).