Want to hear something funny? I got on here to blog about how hard being pregnant has been for me lately. I was going to go on and on, and on about my swelling, and achy back, and itchy skin, and sleepless nights from potty breaks, and so much more. But before I started my post, I read the ones posted recently by Alyssa and Liz (new Mommys), and once I was done I said to myself "Wait, what was I going to talk about?" Now all I have in my head is "I cannot wait to meet my baby!" Not that I ever quit thinking it, but it's the prominent thought again.

So, while I now have nothing really to talk about, I thought maybe I'd still do a short blurb about how things are progressing. I haven't been to the doc yet again, but I go next Tuesday. I weighed myself last night and I am at 13 pounds now, and I expect to be around 14 or so for the appointment. Also, at this next visit I should get my Strep B results and my first "thinning" check. Hubs says he will drive me there but he doesn't want to go in the room with me because he thinks he would feel uncomfortable with the doc "down there." Lol.

Now that I'm 4 weeks away from due date (and wondering if I will possibly go early) I'm starting to panic every so often about things.

I am going to be a mom. Forever. In charge of a little person. When I can barely take care of me.

I guess that's my biggest thing... it's forever, and I might suck at it. How nerve wrecking!

But then I start thinking more, and I get so excited! Ugh. I'm a mess! Nervous, excited, nervous, excited...

I am going to try my hardest to not post negative comments about being pregnant, although I'm sure I will eventually anyway. And I'm going to try to focus on the fact that I will have a little bundle of joy int he end. Here I was naive and thought that since the first 33 weeks were so easy, the last 7 would be too. Boy was I wrong, and it's just getting harder.

Here's hoping that I can handle this better.


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