Love is a Fire - Book Tour

Remember how I told you guys that my “Mom friend” Alyssa wrote a book? Well guess what - I got the privilege of being a part of her book tour as well! I couldn’t be happier to have her as a friend and be a part of this!

Love is a Fire, by author Lyssa Layne

Book Description:

"Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn your house down, you can never tell." - Joan Crawford

Dr. Katy Malone has sworn off love after losing those she loves most in her life including her father, a member of the FDNY. She has decided to spend her time focusing on her medical research. Her ex-fiancee (Jeremiah), and fellow doctor, isn't ready to give up on loving her though.

Firefighter Nick Garrity is on a search for the future Mrs. Garrity. As he pushes thirty, with no prospects in sight, he's afraid he'll never find her. A devoted member of FDNY, he loves the thrill of his job and the satisfaction it brings him. He strives to teach the proby firefighter, Patrick Doyle, the ropes and pass on his passion to him.

When Doyle tries to impress the guys on the crew, he ends up in the care of Dr. Katy Malone. One look at Dr. Malone and Nick knows he's found his future wife, but can he convince her to love again?

About the Author:

Lyssa Layne is first, and foremost, the proud momma to her precious daughter, AR. In addition to working full-time and being a mommy to AR, she is also an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan, a runner, blogger, and an infertility survivor.

Having watched one too many medical dramas and being inspired by author Rachelle Ayala, who introduced her to the world of indie writing, Lyssa decided to try her hand at writing a romance story. Her attempt turned into the Burning Lovesick series. You can find Lyssa’s own interests throughout her stories although all stories are fictional.


Lyssa Layne:  Hi Jenni! Thanks for being a part of the Love is a Fire Blog Tour! I hear you have some questions for me so let’s get started, shall we?  

Jenni:  When did you realize you had a flare for writing?

Lyssa Layne:  Not sure if I ever realized, or even think, that I have a “flare for writing,” but I do enjoy it. Last fall, I started reading a lot of indie authors and thought to myself, hmm…I could that so I started writing!

Jenni:  Have you written any other books?

Lyssa Layne:   I’m currently working on the sequel, Burst Into Flame, and I have another romance story about hot baseball players that I’m also editing at the moment called The Right Pitch.

Jenni:  How many books will be in the Lovesick series?

Lyssa Layne:  For sure there will be at least 4…the first one which is Nick and Katy, the sequel, Patrick, and then one from Jeremiah. I’m debating whether or not to write a prequel with Abby and Ryan’s story but I think I’ll leave that up to the readers when I get to that point.

Jenni:  Are there any details from the book(s) that came from your real life experiences?

Lyssa Layne:  I know that you, Jenni, think there is and there are to a degree. Let’s see…the fishing Santa ornament is one that I’ve had since I was a kid. Before having my daughter, I used to run, not nearly as much as Katy though. And of course, I do love hot firemen!

Enough about me though, I want you to get a chance to chat with Dr. Jeremiah Thomas!

*Jeremiah walks into the room, looking handsome as ever, and politely shakes your hand, giving a light kiss on the back of it*

Jeremiah:  Hello, Jenni. It’s nice to meet you.

Jenni:   Hi there Jeremiah. I have a few questions about you and your relationship with Katy. First off, how did you come up with Katy’s nickname, Knockout?

Jeremiah:   From our first class together in med school, I thought she was beautiful. When I saw her name on the roster as K.O. Malone, I started calling her Knockout for more than one reason.

Jenni:   That’s so sweet!

 Jeremiah:   Thanks although Katy probably wouldn’t agree. *laughing* Ah, her nickname. She says she hates it but I know deep down she loves it.

Jenni:   I have to admit, when I read the book, I kind of pictured you as nerdy.

Jeremiah:   Me? Nerdy? Back in high school I would have to agree that I was but I finally outgrew my awkwardness in college. Lyssa Layne has a board on Pinterest with all of our pictures so you can go check it out to see how she envisions me.

Jenni:   Definitely! I’ll go check that out right after our interview. At the end of the book I was very surprised that you turned around and acted professional towards Katy during delivery. Do you think that was just the doctor in you or do you think you accepted he wouldn’t get her back?

Jeremiah:   I’ve always been by Katy’s side through the good and the bad, unfortunately, we’ve had more bad than good. She needed me and I knew what I had to do.

Jenni:   Where do you see your future headed?

Jeremiah:   Well, as you know from the book I have more than myself to think about these days. I’m not going to worry too much about women until after my residency is over and then we’ll see what happens in the love department.

Jenni:   So, Jer, do you have any deep dark secrets?

Jeremiah:  *giving you a sly wink*  I think we all have skeletons in the closet, don’t we?

Jenni:   True. Well thanks for stopping by today and chatting. I’m looking forward to hearing more about what’s going on with you in Burst Into Flame!

If this interview has captured your attention, check out my last blog post where I’m doing a book giveaway (or THREE)!!!

Also, Lyssa Layne herself is raffling off a ton of great giveaways! Check it out HERE!!!

Be sure to pick up a copy of Love is a Fire (Amazon, Barnes & Noble), by author Lyssa Layne. It’s a great read that I bet most of you would just love!


Lyssa Layne's Social Links: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

You can also find her book on Goodreads!


Love is a Fire - Book Giveaway!

Did I tell you guys that I have a friend who is an author? Yep, I do. My “Mom Friend” Alyssa is a writer and an author. And her book is fantastic!

I always joke with Alyssa that she doesn’t sleep. She has a full-time job, she is a part-time professor at Lindenwood University, she’s a mommy to a toddler, and she’s an author. Not to mention that she blogs almost daily. Who can do all of that AND sleep?!? I can barely give Emma a bath and make it through her bedtime routine before I am zonked out.

Anyway, her book is called Love is a Fire. From the title I’m sure you’ve figured out that it’s a love story. It’s not super sappy, and while it has some “love” in it, it’s not raunchy. It’s clever and has a lot of meaningfulness in it. It’s a good read. It’s easy to follow, it keeps you sucked into the story, and it’s just short enough to finish in a few hours so you don’t have to lug it all over town for a week trying to fit it in.

It really is a great book, and I want to share one with one of my readers (or visitor), so I’m doing a raffle to win a signed Paperback copy!

Wait, make that THREE winners! Three different people can each win a signed paperback copy of Love is a Fire!

Enter Here:

If you’re not a winner, you can still download on Nook or Kindle for just $0.99! Book for a buck! Love it.

Good luck, and thanks for reading!



TURTLEMETER - Mommy/Baby Must-Have!!!

Okay, in all honesty, I may have found the very best baby/toddler bath time must-have.

You’ve all seen the floating rubber ducky given at every single baby shower, that’s supposed to indicate if the water is too hot. You hear “awww, every baby needs that!”

Then, once the baby is here, Mommy runs the bath water, puts the ducky in and low-and-behold it’s too hot. Mom plays with the water countless times sure of herself that it’s too cold, but yet the little blue indicator still says “HOT.”

If you’re like me, you threw that ducky to the curb after just three baths. Emma’s lips even turned blue once!
After that I just went by what felt decent to me. I’d test both hands and wrists. Lol. Sounds crazy, but when your right hand keeps swishing the water, you have to try your left to make sure!

Anyway, about a month ago I had a company give me a list of products to choose from to review for them. I had done one product review for them already, and I enjoyed doing it, but with my busy schedule this summer I was hesitant. I scrolled through the list and came across this little gem and jumped on the chance, and I am so stinking glad I did!

Seriously. I couldn’t be happier with this product.

The Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer

When the box came, I let Gene and Emma open it. The very first thing Emma said was “Turtle Cuuuuuute!” It was so sweet!

That night was not bath night, but the next night was (we do baths every other night per doctor’s recommendation). I filled up the tub like I usually do, and then I put the turtle in. It immediately kicked on and was lit up blue. The LCD display will also show you the actual temperature! So once it hit like 97 or 98 degrees (I can’t remember now) it turned from blue to green. And once the temp stopped moving and the light was still green, I knew it was good to put Emma in. We were all just standing over the tub watching it go; it’s like magic! *I failed to capture a picture of it glowing red - I meant to do this in the sink.

Did I mention that Emma loves it too? We’ve used it three times now and she just loves playing with it. She even washes her turtle with soap and a washcloth!

Right now it’s on sale for $12.95 on Amazon, and if you’re in need of a baby or shower gift then this is one thing you need to get!!! I know I’m doing this as a review so you’re probably thinking I’m just saying what they will want to hear, but in all honesty it’s the best decision I’ve made in a while because this thing is great.
It’s inexpensive, it’s great, kids will love it… just buy it and you’ll see!

Amazon Link (same as above): http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003ZFPRHS

I received this product at no charge in exchange for my HONEST opinion.