Emma's Very Own Pinkie Pie Light!

Remember how I wrote about a Pinkie Pie nightlight previously? Well guess what… we got one!
Oh man, Emma was ecstatic! She was so excited to get her favorite My Little Pony as a nightlight. She couldn’t wait to hang it up too.

The light is super easy to put up.

Here is all it takes:

Peel the back of the wall decal off to expose the sticky side.
Put the wall decal in the location of your choosing. Spend a couple minutes just pressing it on to make sure it’s on there pretty good.
Peel DOWN the paper to expose the decal. *I say peel down because that’s the only way you’ll be able to get the decal to stick to the wall. And take your time… it’s not a race!
Use your hand to kind of smooth it all down when the paper is completely off.
The screws can be put right into the center of the spots shown for them.
And Voila! Your Pinkie Pie can hang perfectly!
Emma loved it. She laid in bed and stared at it for so long.
This is a wonderful gift for any little girl, or even a "decoration" for your own home! It really is great. I couldn't be happier with the end result.

I received this product for my honest review. My opinions have not been swayed in any way, and they are all my own. 

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