One and a Half!!!

Here we are. Emma is one and a half years old. It’s been a long journey that flew by too fast.

In the last three months (since her 15mos post) we’ve battled a pretty good head cold, roseola, molars and typical growing pains. Speaking of growing pains, while Emma is still at 30 pounds (30.2 to be exact), she’s now up to 34 inches in height!!!! She’s almost three feet tall! Oh, where did my baby go?

While yesterday marked Emma’s official 18 month birthday, today was her 18 month check-up. Nothing exciting by any means (we even had to skip shots because we were a few days shy of insurance covering it), but I did have my top five questions to ask.

Side Note – my Mom took Emma today instead of me. I had an important engagement at work.

Important Questions/Concerns:

She is coughing a lot. Dry coughing (for up to 5 minutes) in the middle of the night, and wet coughing during the day with lots of phlegm sounds all day.  *We are using the humidifier at night.
... Dr. said not to be alarmed since it’s just because she had a cold. It can take weeks for a toddler’s throat and sinuses to clear because they do not know how to help it along.

Is there such a thing as too much milk, and what is a good amount for her to have in one day? *I think she gets 24oz a day on average (maybe more here and there).
... Dr. said to limit milk to 16 ounces a day. She can have greek yogurt each day as well if I need to use it for a dessert.

What are your thoughts on a pillow in bed?
... No pillow in bed because it just gives her one more thing to bury her face in. Infants do not need leverage at this time because they sleep on their back or stomach (rarely on their side).

Is there anything else to help dry skin – Fish oil? Cod liver oil? Olive oil? *I don’t care for oil on skin.
... Limit baths to twice a week (unless a dire need) because their skin is so sensitive (even in summer time). Limit play time in the bath to about 5 minutes. No bubble bath or oatmeal treatments. Only use Dove bar soap. Lotion entire body with a calming lotion (no scent) right after bath and as needed. Put A&D or Desitin, on top of lotion, on red patchy spots (like behind knees).

Is it a good time to start potty-training? *She understands what pee means (maybe poo), but the times we try to get her to “practice” to use it she just wants to play with the potty instead of sit on it.
... Only begin potty training when she says she’s ready. If you ask her if she wants to go on the potty and she says yes, then she’s ready. Do not use a small plastic potty (this may be just in some cases because he referred to her height). A girl needs to sit facing backwards on the big toilet to get used to peeing with her legs apart. If her legs are together the pee goes where it shouldn’t and the ammonia will start to burn them. Allow them to play with the handle and the things that may be on the back of the toilet. Don’t try to force them to train too early, and don’t rush them once they do sit on it.

I hate to say it for the world to see, but I would much rather my Mom take Emma to the doctor instead of Gene. I know, bad wife to say such a thing. But, you have to admit that women ask more questions and remember the answers. My Mom rattled off the answers to all of those questions in less than three minutes. J

I would absolutely love to be able to take Emma in more often than every three months, just so I can ask all my questions. Or I wish I could email her doctor any old time to ask them. Haha. In a perfect world, right?

All-in-all Emma is right on track for 18 months. Oh! And he did sing her praises for her extensive vocabulary. Mom said that Emma just loved Dr. Murphy’s computer because he had Elmo on it.

While it’s sad that she’s growing up so fast, it’s also so exciting to see all the new things she comes up with.

I love my Emma!!!


  1. We love Emma, too! Great info, thank for passing it on.

  2. We do baths only 2-3 times a week for that very reason. Here i thought i was a bad mom for not bathing her more often! We just have terrible water, I know what it does to my skin so I can't imagine hers if i put her in the tub daily! And great potty training tips! I know that C is a long way away from being ready, but these are good tips to file away until its time :-)