Metal Prints - Perfect for ANY Photo | Adoramapix Review

I was fortunate enough to be selected to review a product that Adoramapix offers. I had never heard of this company before, and I was intrigued. After I read about the product, I thought I'd check it out for myself, and boy am I glad I did.

If you're like me, you don't have many pictures hanging around the house because honestly, who has the time to go out searching the surrounding areas for just the right picture frame for the photo that you have in mind? I know I don't. A couple of my friends have canvas prints, and those are great and all, but I find that it's a product that is seen everywhere. I like to have items that stand out. Afterall,  following the birth of my first child (back when I still had time for fun projects), I turned our hallway into a beautiful collage of her baby pictures. FYI - even after having a second child, all the pictures and decorations are still the same as 3 years ago. Mommy fail.

Adoramapix offers three types of prints. Something for everyone, huh?

I received a Metal Print.

Wouldn't you know it, this is the perfect solution! No frame and something unique! I was skeptical though... I'll admit it. I had this picture in my head of a tin sign. You know - thin, heavy, glossy, with a bumpy texture to it. I actually almost backed out of it thinking that I wouldn't like it. I'm glad I didn't though!

I was shocked when I opened the box, to see that it was nothing like what I imagined! It doesn't reflect much light, it was smooth as can be (moreso than a print from a store like Walgreens), it was light yet durable, and it stands out about a half inch from the wall. It's awesome! *There are multiple options for hanging, and if you choose another option, it might not stand out from the wall like mine does.

I decided not to hang it in the hallway, but in the dining room instead. I had bought some photo hangers from Michaels (I have no idea what those are actually called), and I thought I might showcase my Metal Print a little bit. What do you think? I thought about buying small picture frames and antique "trinkets" to hang around the print. I don't have an interior designer bone in my body, so it might look ridiculous, but I'm loving the picture nonetheless.

As for the picture, I had my bestie take some simple family pictures for our Christmas cards. They aren't professional, and my hair could look better (not to mention Gene has a goofy smirk), but the kids look beautiful and it was in our budget.

In all seriousness, this is a great gift idea! The quality is immaculate. If you're looking for something unique, especially for a parent or grandparent, this could be perfect! Also, they are extremely affordable! While I was browsing all the choices, I was amazed at just how affordable they are.

Right now, get 35% off of all Metal Prints through 12/15/15 using the promo code: pxusfam35m

Let me know what you think of our photo! More importantly, let me know what you think I should do with the space around the Metal Print!

I received this product at no charge, in exchange for my honest review and opinions. I have not been influenced in any way to give a positive (or negative) review.


It's Time for a New Vehicle... dun dun dun

I have been procrastinating about getting a new car for a long time. My husband and I paid my car off a couple years ago, and I vowed to keep it until I no longer had an option.

Well, it hit 200,000 miles, has another chip in the windshield, is missing lots of chrome detailing outside, has a million door dings, has super foggy/cloudy headlights, has something broken with the windshield washer stuff, the A/C went out for good, the heater doesn’t blow out very well and you can’t run it while stopped, the air bag light is on, it leaks oil somewhere that isn’t easily accessible (and it smells like it’s on fire all the time)… you get where I’m going here? I’m the main driver for our two kids, and who knows if my car will mysteriously explode while I’m driving them to their Grandparents’ house. I also have this fear that whatever is wrong with the air bag will cause it to go off while I’m flying down 367 on the way to work. So, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get a new [to me] vehicle.

Which brings me to my next dilemma; what do I get? I say “I,” because I never really had a say in the 6 vehicles Gene has had since we’ve been together, so I’m not giving him a say now. Yes he has had 6 cars since we’ve been together (Grand Am, Eclipse, Scion xA, Sonata, Baja, Magnum), and I’ve had four (ZX2, Santa Fe, Navigator, and then HIS car became mine, which is the Sonata I have now). Why he gets all the new vehicles is beyond me.

So I kind of made a list in my head of all the things that I want. And I took into consideration the fact that I’ll probably keep the car for the next five years at least, so I want it to “grow” with our family too. I listed it out – third row seating, multi-zone climate control, power locks, power doors, DVD player, CD player, FWD (or AWD). Then, one morning while I was attempting to get Alice out of my car, in a too-tight parking spot, without hitting my door on the car next to me, it dawned on me. This happens far too often, and there’s only one thing that will work to fix it. Sliding doors. Which, you guessed it, can only mean a minivan.

So there we are. I have officially become that Mom. The one that throws her coolness out the window to be the Mom that is all about practicality and efficiency. I could it even look at it as, “what vehicle could give me the most ROI?” Duh. A minivan. It’s not always about money when you’re looking at ROI, it could be calculated in fewer headaches, time saved, less stress. It’s a no-brainer, much to Gene’s chagrin.

We started looking online about a week ago, and lemme’ tell you that minivans are expensive!
To get the van that I’m wanting, I’d be looking at a 2008 model. Man, I didn’t want to get a new vehicle that was that old! Then you take into account the miles, the damage to the inside (because kids have no sense of value in this regard), the damage to the outside, the tires, the features… Ugh. It’s almost like we have to go over our budget an extra $3,000 to get anywhere near what I want. Am I that difficult?!?

Here are the two I’m leaning towards:

Dodge Grand Caravan

Chrysler Town & Country

Both of these have a lot of the same features, but the Town & Country usually has the wood trim and bits of chrome; it's a little more "classy." I found one in the blue color above, which I really liked at first, but I'm worried that I'll get sick of it. I had that blue/purple Santa Fe and by the time two years hit I was over it.

Anyway, we’ll get one soon (hopefully), and if I’m lucky I will be very happy with it for a nice long time. My friend jokes with me that I’ll need the little soccer sticker on the back window. Ha! In a way, I’m terrified to lose that piece of me that always said “I will NEVER have a minivan,” but the Mom in me is so excited to have this family vehicle for my kids! And to think, five years ago I was even saying "I'll NEVER have kids." Everything changes... and most of the time, for the better!

Do you have a minivan? 
Did you go through the same struggles? 
Do you have any advice for what to look for in a van?  

Wish me luck!


Look Out World... I'm Back!

Well, did you miss me?

Who knew having a baby and a toddler at the same time would be so hard?!? Turns out the toddler isn’t much help around the house. Haha. Here are the more recent pictures of the two:

You’re probably wondering why I have a new look for my blog. And a new name. Here’s my story in a nutshell:

One day I noticed that the majority of the blogs that I read about other moms out there, are either wealthy moms, stay at home moms, or both. I found myself wondering why I read them all the time; I don’t relate to them – I work full-time, I don’t take my kids on trips through the week, we don’t belong to clubs, we can’t afford to take vacations, and we just do the “normal” activities on the weekends (or we do all the chores that we didn’t have time to do through the week). Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to follow them and read their blogs, but I was at a loss for where all the “average” moms were out there, going through the same motions as me.

It dawned on me as I was running on fumes the other night after working all day, making dinner, putting away dinner, running a load of laundry, giving both girls baths and then doing our whole bedtime routine, that THIS is why there aren’t many bloggers out there like me… there’s not enough time in the day! I mean, I’m living proof! I went from blogging twice a week, to once a week, to twice a month, to once a month, to never.

I know some of you feel my pain. By the time I’ve done my daily routine, I’m found sitting on the couch watching Frasier at 9:30pm trying to keep my eyes open long enough to get through the day’s Instagram posts. I usually never make it and give in to my tired eyes. Lucky for me though I get to wake up at 2:30am every night, so I can usually finish my scrolling then (yes, it’s sarcasm, although I shouldn’t be like that because I love my time with the little one). And the weekends are jam packed with fun things so that I can experience my child’s happiness too. So, where am I supposed to fit in the time to post all the “mom things” when I don’t even have the time to vacuum?

Well, here’s the answer… I’m going to post whenever I can. That’s it. Here and there.. So, don’t expect a blog every day. Some weeks might have one, some might have more. Some might not have any. I’ll post on Instagram and Facebook almost daily, and my Pinterest feed will stay current on all things “working mom time-savers” and “kid crafts that don’t take a ton of effort.” Hopefully, while I probably don’t offer many tips on how to not break down into tears when your toddler has their fifth tantrum in Target, I can offer a little peace knowing that you’re not alone. There is another Mom out there walking on egg shells around her three year old. There is a Mom out there who also washes one bottle at a time because she doesn’t have the time to do them all at once. There is even another Mom out there who looks longingly at the couple noshing on Margaritas and street tacos while you’re stuck eating a cheese quesadilla that you didn’t want in the first place but ordered for the child who is now refusing to eat it but wants Daddy’s chicken taco instead. Yes, they are out there.

I won’t be able to give you tips on Mom clothes (unless you want to know that the six pairs of shoes I own are flats), and I’m not the right person to ask about the sauces that go best with a Quinoa salad, but I can tell you that you should find a way to hide your shoes (all of them) in your entry way, and Spaghetti O’s only need to be nuked for about 45 seconds to be just right to eat right away. Hahaha. In all seriousness, I’d be happy to share my preferences for baby necessities (the snugga-bunny swing is a sleep-saver), or how I juggle my time between work, home and everything in between, or even if you just want advice on what to look for in daycares if you’re looking to go back to work!

We are a blue collar family, living in the ever-changing Midwest. We aren’t fancy, and we are kind of a hot mess the majority of the time. But we are the norm… we are average. 

I am, The Average Momma.