Hip Hip Hooray it's .... Vacation!

Well, here it is. Friday. The last day of my vacation. Oh, you didn’t know? Yep. I was on vacation this WHOLE week. And get this… I had no plans!!!

Usually, my vacations are so jam-packed and hectic that it’s actually a welcoming relief to go back to work, but this time, it was nothing but relaxing and easy-going so it’s depressing to think about going back to the daily grind. Why-oh-why can’t I win the lottery and stay home each and every day doing nothing but watching Harry Potter and eating toast with cherry jam?

Even though I didn’t have plans and I managed to relax and be lazy, I still got done SO MUCH around the house. I hired a contractor to redo the bathroom in the basement for one. It’s nice and new and works perfectly. No mold either! Woohoo! It took four days because there was only one guy doing the job, but it got done and that’s all that matters. I also printed pictures, hung them up, cleaned the house (including Emma’s messy room), organized some toy storage, and so much more.
I picked the walls and the floor. I love it!
I'll put my vanity over in this corner (there's a shower roughed in here).
I wanted to take the time to take Alice somewhere special, or let Emma play hookie for half a day to do something fun, but that didn’t happen because of the bathroom construction. Luckily though, neither are any wiser and they still had a great week. In fact, Alice and I had a great time Tuesday and Wednesday hanging out at home playing and then making a Target run. I love her more than ever and I hate the thought of losing that one-on-one time next week.
See how I cleverly hide the toys behind the chair?  ;-)
The wagon was in the back of the van, but right now it's holding "lovies."
And here it is Friday. I am all alone in the house, drinking coffee, watching Harry Potter and writing to you - my readers - to let you know how this Average Momma spent her vacation. Yesterday I was without kids as well, but the construction finished around noon and then I had some Maid-of-Honor duties in the afternoon so I didn’t get much alone time after all. But today is different. I plan on eating up all the time I can to be alone. It’s nice when it’s quiet in the house; I can think and actually collect my thoughts. It’s SO nice. If only I could get a day like this each and every week; I don’t think I’d be so spastic come Friday.
New wall décor in the living room.
So, I guess I’m going to sign off now. The movie is getting good and I’m going to stretch out on the couch a bit before I get up to do some much needed laundry (the washer and dryer were unhooked for four days so our piles are growing). Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you find some rest and relaxation soon as well!


  1. Sounds like a great vacation. Typical vacations wear us out more than just going to work. Sounds like you needed it and I'm glad you got it. Harry Potter it up and chill out as long as you can. Bathroom looks great BTW.

    1. It really was. Made it so hard to get ready for work again.

    2. Sounds wonderful. Enjoy those alone moments when you can get them! lol

  2. Staycations are the best!! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  3. Got to love a good ol' staycation! Glad you had a good week ✌🏻️