TURTLEMETER - Mommy/Baby Must-Have!!!

Okay, in all honesty, I may have found the very best baby/toddler bath time must-have.

You’ve all seen the floating rubber ducky given at every single baby shower, that’s supposed to indicate if the water is too hot. You hear “awww, every baby needs that!”

Then, once the baby is here, Mommy runs the bath water, puts the ducky in and low-and-behold it’s too hot. Mom plays with the water countless times sure of herself that it’s too cold, but yet the little blue indicator still says “HOT.”

If you’re like me, you threw that ducky to the curb after just three baths. Emma’s lips even turned blue once!
After that I just went by what felt decent to me. I’d test both hands and wrists. Lol. Sounds crazy, but when your right hand keeps swishing the water, you have to try your left to make sure!

Anyway, about a month ago I had a company give me a list of products to choose from to review for them. I had done one product review for them already, and I enjoyed doing it, but with my busy schedule this summer I was hesitant. I scrolled through the list and came across this little gem and jumped on the chance, and I am so stinking glad I did!

Seriously. I couldn’t be happier with this product.

The Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer

When the box came, I let Gene and Emma open it. The very first thing Emma said was “Turtle Cuuuuuute!” It was so sweet!

That night was not bath night, but the next night was (we do baths every other night per doctor’s recommendation). I filled up the tub like I usually do, and then I put the turtle in. It immediately kicked on and was lit up blue. The LCD display will also show you the actual temperature! So once it hit like 97 or 98 degrees (I can’t remember now) it turned from blue to green. And once the temp stopped moving and the light was still green, I knew it was good to put Emma in. We were all just standing over the tub watching it go; it’s like magic! *I failed to capture a picture of it glowing red - I meant to do this in the sink.

Did I mention that Emma loves it too? We’ve used it three times now and she just loves playing with it. She even washes her turtle with soap and a washcloth!

Right now it’s on sale for $12.95 on Amazon, and if you’re in need of a baby or shower gift then this is one thing you need to get!!! I know I’m doing this as a review so you’re probably thinking I’m just saying what they will want to hear, but in all honesty it’s the best decision I’ve made in a while because this thing is great.
It’s inexpensive, it’s great, kids will love it… just buy it and you’ll see!

Amazon Link (same as above): http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003ZFPRHS

I received this product at no charge in exchange for my HONEST opinion.

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