Last Childbirth Class

Well, Gene and I made it through 4 childbirth preparation classes. Let me first say that while I feel better about some things like the epidural, I am now more terrified than ever about all the different things that could be "wrong" with baby. It's crazy! Who knows what Baby B will be like when they enter the world.

Anyway, so very first off the guys in the class had to sign a waiver to use the fake maternal tummy. Here is Gene (who got to go first):

He was a trooper. He sat there for about 30 minutes fidgeting, sighing, switching positions, leaning forward, leaning back. Lol. Then, when the teacher asked him if he felt more sympathy for me he chuckled and replied "no." She asked why not, and he said "well she's only gained 10 pounds so far and this is 35." But, she made him try to reach his shoes to tie them, and a couple other things and he saw how difficult it really was to perform simple tasks. *Last night every time I accidentally woke him up trying to get out of bed to go pee he gave me a nudge to help, so I think the teacher got her point across. :-) 

The other guys in class were definitely being boys about wearing the belly. They kept taking pictures and whining and such. I'm glad Gene acted like an adult for his part. Except the fact that he (and the other guys too) had to grab onto the boobs as soon as he got the thing on. Lol. It was like gravity for all of them which is funny because they aren't real of course.

I'm pretty sure I look better pregnant than he does. Ha ha.

We went over everything postpartum last night. I cannot believe everything they do to our poor babies! And let's not even discuss the fact that boy babies back in the day (not really that long ago) didn't even get numbed before being circumcised. Even though the baby can't yell or do anything but cry it's horrific to think about them being in that kind of pain right out of the womb.

The left-over cord creeps me out. All I can picture is that episode of Sex in the City where Brady (Miranda's baby) was just chilling there when his fell off, and the cat got a hold of it and started playing with it and chewing on it. Gag me! Side note here... When I was about 11 or 12 we found out that a part of my cord was left behind. I all of a sudden started getting infections in my belly button and finally they realized what it was. They used the silver nitrate on it, but my belly button has never been the same since. I'm hoping that was a fluke and isn't a common thing.

The most fun of the night was when she went over the different ways to hold the baby and how to change a diaper and swaddle them. Since we are taking an infant care class in June where we will do that stuff in more detail I let Gene do it all this time around. He was so cute. So cautious. Seeing him do that to the fake baby made me that much more anxious for ours to get here.

We saw a video about how to sponge bathe your baby until the cord falls off, and we saw how to give them a real bath. They talked about breast feeding and about all of the emotions that will hit like a train. We saw tons and tons of pictures about different skin conditions (common and uncommon) and different things that could be a result of labor (funny shaped heads, enlarged breasts on baby, enlarged genitals on baby, etc.). And what I found interesting was all of the information on how to take care of yourself after baby. I'm already having issues, and then there will be more?!?! I guess I always knew there would be, but I wish I didn't find out for sure ahead of time. Some things are better off being unknown.

The teacher gave us a ton of formula, and a voucher for 24 bottles of Enfamil formula too. We got a lot of info on where to go to get our car seats put in by someone else, and where to go for mommy and me type classes. Oh, and I'm thinking more and more about breastfeeding instead of pumping now but I think I'll wait until baby's birthday to decide. 

So that was the gist of last night's class. The mood was light as it signaled we were that much closer to our due dates, and the topics were all about our babies being here. I really enjoyed taking the classes, and while everyone says I wont use the breathing I hope that I retain a lot of what I learned to use in other areas. I especially hope I remember the steps to swaddle the baby!

My first baby shower is Sunday, so I should have a good post on Monday.

Until then.


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  1. My first shower is Sunday too! How exciting! I thought that the classes we took were super helpful but I wish that they would have had those maternal tummies for my hubby to try on just for laughs :-)