11 Weeks... Wow, 11 Weeks!!!

Well, my little Emma is going to be 11 weeks tomorrow. 11 weeks. Feels like a lot longer. Lol.
I’ve noticed that Emma is becoming more alert. Obviously this happens, but it’s still fun to notice it.
-          She still loves her mobile – her eyes absolutely light up from it! She wiggles her arms around, pounds her feet on the mattress and makes an oooooooh face like she’s so fascinated with it! (Picture at bottom).
-          She watched tv a lot. Not with me at all, but Gene and my parents seem to like to get her to watch so they can read the paper or in Gene’s case play on his phone. To be honest, I don’t think she’s watching, I think she just looks every now-and-then to see the colors and movement. But, I think they can get a good ten minutes of quiet.
-          Playmat time is still a dinner time favorite. I will sit on the floor next to the mat and eat my dinner while I interact with her. Gene and I have never been able to sit down and eat dinner normally since she’s been home, but this playmat things works out well bc I miss her so much and this way I can play with her while I eat something.
-          She’s discovered splashing. She loves to splash (with her legs) in the tubby. She also likes to put her feet against the tub and push herself back in the net thing that holds her up. She has such strong little legs and her pushing herself back so hard tends to pull the plug out of the tub -  before we had tubby time in the Mommy and Daddy tub Emma would flood her room doing this. Lol.
-          She looks at Mommy and Daddy now too. She won’t look at whoever is holding her, but if you are standing away from her (or leaving for work) she just stares away. I love this! I want to be wanted so bad, and this is just step one. We now know what Mommy looks like!
-          Some friends of mine (Alyssa and Megan) do this exercise where they hold baby’s hands, and pull them up to their feet. So, I decided to try this too. I laid Emma on the floor on her back, held her hands, pulled her (a little sideways) into a sitting position, and then helped to lift her to a standing position (Emma really stands on her own for the most part). She loves it! Her face lights up! I haven’t gotten a smile out of it yet, but I’m going to keep doing it nightly until I do. And each night I basically do it over and over until she gets bored with it.
-          Oh! I’ve played a couple videos of well-known Sesame Street songs on my iPhone for Emma. I did once on her playmat and once while she was eating. She seemed to enjoy it, although Gene and I might have enjoyed it more. Gene now sings “C is for Cookie” to Em all the time now.  J
-          I cannot quit buying her clothes! Last night I got online to buy her Halloween costume, and I ended up buying her more clothes. Lol. We are going to be broke bc I just can’t stop.
-          We seem to be in the works to get a new house in St. Charles. This was so important to us bc we wanted Emma to either go to Orchard Farm or Brussels (St. Mary’s?) elementary. Did I mention that the house is directly across the street from my parents? Lol, just call me Debra. Lol.
-          We might also get a new car soon. No, not brand new, but Gene’s car (that he just had to get) is too small for all of us. When we all are in there my knees are hitting the dashboard. And the stroller won’t fit inside, and if it’s raining can’t be in the mini-bed. Idk, I don’t think we can afford to keep trading in cars like he always does, but I suppose we can’t do with this one much longer.
-          Yes, everything is still broken in my house. It’s amazing we haven’t gone to stay with the rents yet. Lol. Some night I feel like we are cavemen with all this hand-washing dishes and such. Too bad I don’t have a creek to wash my clothes in. Haha.
So, the doctor said that by 12 weeks Emma might be over all of her tantrums. I just keep saying to myself that it’s getting closer. I think I’m going to be pretty bummed out if 12 weeks gets here and there’s nothing different. But, I have noticed that she stays quiet just a little longer than before. Yes, she still cries all the time. If I had to guess, I’d say she only goes about 40 – 50 minutes (in a good stretch) without crying. But, it used to be like 20 minutes. Yes, it was that bad, every day. It’s always either hungry, bored, or she wants to be held on the shoulder to look out. We used to always think it was tummy problems, or I should say Gene used to always think it was tummy problems, but my girl burps and toots like no other baby! It took this long, but we now know some ways to calm her down, but if she gets going enough, it can take quite a bit of coaxing to calm her down (had to run to the bathroom when out to breakfast with Alyssa and Autumn over the weekend to calm her down). Isn’t it the worst when the baby makes a big stink at a restaurant?!?! I always feel so bad for the people around us.
Well, I’m out of time now. Hopefully I will have some great updates at her 12 weeks!!!

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  1. It wasn't that bad at breakfast. She is getting so big!!! Happy 11 Weeks Em!