Ramble... Ramble... Ramble...

Wow, a month since my last post. Where has the time gone?!?! Isn’t it funny how time can just fly by? For instance, the last four days were all a blur of Holiday festivities, and while each day felt like it was the longest day ever, it flew by and here it is Monday night of a full work week. Crazy.

While I don’t have much to talk about, I do want to throw a few things out there that have been on my mind.

First off, if you have seen me within the last few weeks you would have heard me rant about Black Friday (or Black Thursday, if you want to call it). I’m just going to throw this out there……. Do NOT judge people for shopping on a holiday and keeping the store associates from time with their families. If it means that much to them then they shouldn’t work retail. If it was Jenni-Mart (insert your name in the place of mine), would you do it differently knowing you’d lose hundreds of thousands of dollars to your competitors? Why do you think it was started in the first place? Oh, that’s right, because people flocked to the movies, or Walgreens, or K-Mart, etc. I know I did. I’m sure those nay-sayers never said a peep until Wal-Mart and Target jumped on the bandwagon. Also, to throw another thing out there…….. if you are frequently judged for your skin, gender, sexual preference, etc., you definitely don’t need to be judging anyone (or you need to stop complaining about people judging you).

Okay, now that I got that out there, I’ll continue on with less infuriating topics.

Emma is 16 months. And get this – I did NOT get a picture of her worth keeping on her 16 month birthday. Gene was with her that day and it’s like pulling teeth for him to even get a picture of her at all let alone a good one. Did I remember that night though? Heck no. Huh, now that I'm re-reading this I realize that she's well over 16 months and creeping up to 17 now. See? Another example of time flying!

Emma and I had an awesome time at Alyssa’s house for the “First Toddler Thanksgiving.” It was lots of baby playing and talking, and eating of course, but there were also arts and crafts as well. I’m thankful for Alyssa helping us get the cute footprint for the turkey craft. J Thanks Alyssa! And thanks for hosting too!

Maybe one day I’ll feel a little less awkward around women and might be able to let loose and have fun with them.

This month? “First Toddler Christmas” at our house. I’m a bit stressed about it since it’ll be a week of decorating and sanitizing (Emma is still recovering from a cold). Thank goodness for the industrial sized supply of Lysol and Lysol wipes Gene HAD to purchase because it was such a good deal. Lol. I will also have to put up the Christmas lights outside the day of the party since Gene didn’t allow me enough time to do it this weekend. I am hoping for good reactions since I go a bit all-out with decorations. Although since Emma gets into everything now it’s going to be hard to put it all out there. We’ll see.

                OH! I decided to host the family Christmas get-together this year too. Wow. Lots to do.

Also this month is Secret Santa at work (I would say who I got, but it’s a secret). First Friday is something edible, second is something hand-made, third is a $5 or under gift and fourth (Christmas Eve) is a $10 gift. I think I have all of them figured out except the $10 gift. So exciting!

Emma is still going to the Little Gym. This weekend I got to take her to the 8:15am Saturday class. It was so nice to get to do something with her that she loves (my parents take her on Thursday mornings usually). We also ran into a Mommy friend (Stacey Ostmann) and her daughter (Addison). We’ve only met them once before, but it was nice that we knew someone in class, even if we didn’t really get a chance to talk. I am thinking about signing her up for the winter/Spring semester too. Spring is so rainy and my Mom and Dad don’t seem to mind taking her, so it might be a way to help burn off some energy once a week. Plus, if I sign up by December 9th I can possibly win a free birthday party, or at least get 10% off in July when Emma’s birthday comes around.

I’ve gotten pretty much all of my Christmas shopping done. Well, I don’t have a single thing for Gene yet either, so I guess I have more than I thought to get. Oh well, I love shopping in the hectic month of December. J Within all of those crabby shoppers there are a few holiday spirits that will make you smile and remember why Christmas is so wonderful.

I’m trying to plan ahead for the rest of the month, including New Years Eve. I haven’t been out for New Years in a few years. Gene gets stupid drunk, and I constantly worry about getting home and such, so we’ve been staying home, but this year I think I might want to go out. Granted, I’m a worry wart so I’ll probably decide to stay in, but for the time being I’m going to think about our options.
I'm sure I'm missing quite a bit going on. Isn't that just how it works for Moms though? You go, go, go, and you barely remember a single thing that happened. I know it has even transferred over to my work life as well.
Okay, I'm calling it a night. Going to lay on the couch and watch the Santa Clause until I fall asleep. Good night everyone! I'll attempt to post more soon!

* Would have had pictures to go along with this post, but my internet keeps going in and out and my husband is too lazy to help me figure out what is wrong. No worries though, his phone switches from Wi-Fi to 3G without even a flinch. Good. For. Him. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  1. I feel like November just flew by! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend. :-)

  2. I bet your Toddler Christmas will be so cute. I love seeing all the photos of the fun stuff you guys do.

    I'm also really awkward around people I don't really know. Kids? No problem. Lol.

  3. I've been missing your blog posts! Hope Emma gets better soon! Hope to see you guys again soon :-)