Five on Friday - 12/13/2013

1. Okay, so I try not to boast about Emma too much, partly in fear that I’m worried I will jinx her success and more-so that I don’t want anyone to think that I’m trying to say Emma is better than another child (because I’m not by any means). Each kid excels in some area. My child just happens to speak very well. I hear it every day. She now speaks in sentences and very clearly. Even her Little Gym teacher (who I’ve never met) pointed out to me over the phone the words that she heard Emma say most recently. “I said for all of them to walk in a circle, and she just kept saying ‘walk, walk, walk.’ And then when we got out the bubbles she would say ‘bubbles, bubbles, bubbles go.’ She says it all crystal clear too!” I’m never sure what to say in response, so it’s usually something along the lines of “Yes, she amazes me with new words every day and most of the time I have no idea where she picks them up.” There are some things she doesn’t say as well… fish is shish, milk is meelk, please is peas, clock is… well, a dirty word (Gene cringes every time too). She learned how to say “touch” on Wednesday night, and “water” last night. I wonder what she’ll learn next.
17 months and looking like such a big girl.
2. I’ve been seeing tons of posts about people getting their hair “done” before the Christmas parties start, but I just can’t do it. I get my hair cut about twice a year. I don’t do color (anymore), and I don’t do treatments. I see all the pictures, and the before/after shots and it makes me want to get my hair done, but I can’t bring myself to keep up with it. I get a pedicure about four times, maybe five a year, and that to me is throwing away my money $30 at a time (but at least it keeps ingrown toenails at bay). To go get my hair “done” and spend $60, $70, $100 every other month, is even worse because the only benefit is me feeling prettier for a couple weeks until I’m used to it. I can’t do it. I also use one purse for at least one whole year, and in all of 2013 I bought two pairs of shoes (not even any flip-flops). I guess maybe I don’t care as much about my hair. I mean, it’s thick, it’s frizzy, it’s full of static right now, it’s not even cut correctly, but I wear it up most of the time and Emma seems to like it, so I guess it’s here to stay. It’s just hair, right?

3. I am so behind on my Christmas movies! Every year prior to this one my tv was permanently set to the Hallmark Channel for the month of December. Gene hated it. He complained all the time. But this year, it’s all about Emma (like usual). So, my Christmas movie watching has been in the gutter the entire month and I’m starting to have withdrawals. I do have my DVDs to watch too. There are a few select movies that I absolutely must watch each year, and one in particular on Christmas Eve. Can you guess which one? White Christmas, of course. Love it. Can’t you just hear them singing… “What is Christmas with no snow, No white Christmas with no snow, Snow.”

4. I remembered the other day that we’ll be taking Emma to Sesame Street Live next month. I am so glad she’s gotten into at least Elmo because my biggest fear is that she will be completely unruly while we are sitting in the middle of a row. I did splurge and get her 5th row seats too, so hopefully it’s close enough to keep her attention. Speaking of Elmo, we did get her the “just my size” hugging Elmo for Christmas. Can’t wait for her to see it.

5. I am starting to feel the “Present Pressure.” Meaning, the Christmas present pressure. I have one, two, three, four, five… at least five more gifts to buy and with the impending weather I’m feeling the crunch on time. Since I have to get out in the snow and ice tomorrow for my 5k packet pick-up anyway, I guess I will be hitting up the bank and the stores as well. You know, as long as it isn’t too terribly bad. Have you all finished your shopping? I am still waiting on my Christmas cards even. Here I thought I had a good list, and had my stuff together, and I am still behind! Oh well, I guess I work better under pressure.

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  1. I want a comfy chair for AR too! Our PAT lady brought a Magna Doodle and AR loved it so, of course, I had to go get her one for Christmas. Emma amazes me with all her words! I wish she'd teach AR, but we're making slow progress. Can't wait to see you in the freezing cold on Sunday. :-)