Five on Friday - 12/06/13

1.      1.   Today was Day One of our Secret Santa gift exchange at work. Each day is a different item, and this week was something edible. To my surprise, I got chocolate donut holes! Why was I surprised? Because I wanted to stop by Tony’s Donuts for a couple chocolate cake donuts, but decided not to because of the slick side roads. I guess it was the earth’s way of telling me that I didn't need to buy them because they were already coming to me. J Less flattering note - They are 238 calories for 5 holes, and I’m sure I've had at least 12 throughout the day already.

Colorful Donuts!
Serial Killer Name

2.      2.   Emma has Roseola. So as I was dropping Emma off at my Mom and Dad’s house before work yesterday, I noticed her neck was red and blotchy.  I got her under some bright lights to inspect, and it literally spread before my eyes. I saw it moving and spreading like fire. I knew that we had just changed her from Dreft to Arm & Hammer laundry detergent, so I thought that was it and told my mom to give her a bath and go about their day (including the gym). I didn’t even get a mile down the road and I decided to call her docs office. They thought it might be strep rash, so my Mom took her in. Low and behold… Roseola. “Baby Measles.” My child has the measles. My Mom asked all the right questions, so luckily she fired the answers right back to me as I asked them.
Me: But she got the vaccination.
Mom: It doesn’t help the baby measles. They’re different.
Me: But she doesn’t have a fever or seem sick.
Mom: The doctor said she’s lucky, but it could still happen so you have to watch.
Me: Does it itch or hurt her?
Mom: No, but if it starts to itch you can give her half the lowest dose of Benadryl. The rash will last around five days.
Me: Can she eat and drink like normal?
Mom: Yes, but it causes increased thirst and decreased appetite.
Me: Is it contagious?
Mom: Yes, highly. He said the Little Gym was the right time frame. But adults can’t get it so we are okay.

..... I’m so glad that we think alike so I didn’t have to call to ask anything else. Side note – Emma’s also teething very badly right now (so her doc says), so that explains the super cranky baby. And she weighs 30 pounds now!
My Poor Blotchy Baby

3.     3.   I’m getting closer to completing my Christmas shopping. The hardest person on my list? As usual, Gene. My Dad is hard, but at least I can figure it out. Gene, I have no idea. He wants an Xbox One. I mean, he’s going to get one eventually, so I probably should just give in and buy it now. Ick. That’s a lot of money to spend on one person when we have so much going on this month. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll change my mind.

4.     4.  My eyes are constantly dry anymore. So much so that my vision gets blurry and when I blink it’s sticky. I’m thinking I want punctual plugs again. I think they are around $100 for four plugs (two per eye). If you’re not familiar, they are tiny sticks that dissolve over time, that are inserted into your lower tear ducts. Most of the tears, or moisture, in your eyes drain through your tear ducts, so if you plug them up, the moisture will stay in place a bit better. I had them inserted when I had my lasik procedure in 2006. They feel weird going in, but once they are there, you have no idea if they are still there 20 minutes later or not.

5.       5.  Emma is turning into such a big girl. She will now sit at her own table, in her own chair to eat lunch. She will try to get herself dressed, even though she can’t quite do it yet. She now says sentences, even if they aren’t perfect. And if you try to help her, she throws a fit. She wants to do it all by herself. Miss independent. Ticks me off, haha. I want my baby back.
Emma Eating Lunch Like a Big Girl


  1. What a big girl! C is starting to want to do everything on her own and has a few more words, but nothing close to what Em has! I can finally give her things like an apple or a breakfast burrito and she will take bites instead of shoving it all in her mouth, so that's good i guess! LOL.

  2. Poor Emma and that rash! I hope she's getting better soon. Did you say anything to the Little Gym? She is such a big girl and, as always, I'm so impressed by her vocab...wish AR would catch up! I miss you guys!