End of October Recap

Wow. All of a sudden my blogging friends have gotten a fire under their hineys to post every other day or more, which leaves me feeling like an underachiever.

I really don’t have much to talk about I guess. We’ve been doing the same old routine for what feels like forever now, and I guess there’s nothing all that exciting happening in between.

Let’s see…….

Emma had a Halloween play date at her friend Dez’s house on the 19th. She had so much fun! I really love those play dates! To be honest though, I find myself feeling awkward at times. I always wonder if I shouldn’t sit somewhere, or if I should take my shoes off, or if I’m allowed to touch/hug/help another kid. I just really like my Mom friends and I don’t want to ruin the relationship. Emma, on the other hand, didn’t care about anything other than seeing what she could get into and what she could eat! Liz is definitely a great hostess and had everything so amazing. The food was themed, the pumpkin decorating area was even decorated, the toys were plenty, and there was even a spot for family portraits! I’m planning on having a play date at my house in December for Christmas, and I definitely have a lot to live up to!


Gene and I had our “date” night this past Saturday (10/26/13). We got dressed up for Halloween and went to an Italian bar and restaurant for their Halloween party. It was fun. Would I have liked to have gotten more sleep? Yes. I can honestly say that I don’t care to go out “partying” anymore. Why? Well, I have this desire to not be hungover, and a need for extra sleep, and a daughter to make it home safely for, so it puts a damper on my previous alcohol consuming abilities. I can’t remember who said it, but someone mentioned to me recently that I “used to be able to drink them under the table.” Yes, yes I could. But, I was younger and it didn’t make me feel like death the next day. *I had the equivalent of 9 [small] mixed drinks Saturday night, and let me tell you that I felt crappy the ENTIRE Sunday after.

On that crappy-feeling Sunday (10/27/13), Gene, Emma and I met Alyssa, Matt and Autumn at the Pumpkins Galore pumpkin patch in Wright City. Emma just loves it there. Her favorite thing? The swimming pool of soy beans. Gene’s [extended] family owns the farm so it was a pleasant treat to get a free horse-drawn carriage ride, a free large pumpkin, some free gourds and a free homemade rootbeer. I just wish the Groetekes would have been there for that part (they had to leave a little before us because AR’s bedtime is a little earlier than Emma’s so they had to get in some dinner).  Autumn rode on the kids’ train ride, but I didn’t feel like Emma would handle it well so she didn’t get a chance at that this year. Maybe next year. It was such a nice day out too!

The Cardinals lost the World Series this year. Hey, at least we made it. I have mixed feeling about the entire thing, but in the end I feel that it breaks down into two options. Either they had their hearts set on making it there and then once they made it they were satisfied and didn’t have it in them to win, or it was all fixed because of the bombings. Yeeeeaaaaaah, Boston’s strong so their baseball team won. Ugh. Either way I was very disappointed in their overall offense AND defense. If they would have played wholeheartedly I would have been happy for Boston. But instead, I’m just disgusted in our team for the moment. I’ll get over it, obviously, because we still have the best team ever. But, I’m going to pout and be bitter for a while.

This weekend is probably going to be the last Sunday selling at the flea market this year. It’s going to be cold, but hopefully we get a good turnout because it stinks to have to box stuff up that you don’t want to keep. I guess we will donate a bunch to Goodwill, but all of my old PartyLite stuff needs to go and I’d like to get a somewhat decent amount for it. I mean, it’s great quality stuff! Oh, I should mention that because of our date night, we skipped this past Sunday selling. It stinks because it was so nice out too; I bet they were packed.

Emma has been talking up a storm. It’s so nice to be able to communicate with her a lot more than we used to. She can now say yes, no, why, clock, straw, spoon, one two three, thank you, weeee, icky, ow, all done, okie, and so much more. She will even have a conversation with you. And now she will call for us by name. The only weird thing, is that she won’t talk around other people. It makes me feel like people think I’m fibbing about her talking, but she really does! Or I’ll tell her to say hi or bye to someone and she won’t. Or I’ll ask her to tell someone thank you but she won’t. It’s frustrating that it’s still on her own terms.

Oh! Emma started going to The Little Gym. She did a trial class a long time ago with Autumn (her bestie) and Alyssa had pointed out a Living Social deal for 4 classes so I jumped on it for the winter months. So her grandma and grandpa are taking her on Thursday mornings and they have so much fun! My Mom said that she interacted well, and listened to the teacher, and that she was able to do almost everything they asked her to! My Dad got a few pictures and video and sent them to me so I didn't feel like I was missing it. And today she got to wear her costume (5 wears out of that $12 costume, not bad)!

I might see if they want to start taking her to a library class on Mondays too. That way it’s Monday and Thursday events. Although, they have been taking her to the Mills Mall early on Friday mornings to play there, since there aren’t many people there during the day. She walks around until she can’t walk any more, and then my parents know it’s time to head on out. She’s always so tuckered out that night. Haha.

Now that Halloween is over I almost feel like things are slowing down. I have no idea why. I don’t have any plans this Saturday with Emma, or Sunday really either. I need to find some fun stuff to do while it’s still not 10 degrees and snowy.

I’m definitely getting in the Christmas mood! Holiday cups at Starbucks, lights on display in the stores, toy catalogs coming in the mail, and songs in my heart! I’m getting so anxious!!! Thanksgiving what?

Well, that’s about it for now. Sorry I don’t have anything more exciting to blog about. Maybe later.



  1. October was a VERY eventful month! Emma was the cutest strawberry!

  2. Love the pics, great to see you at the playdate. Love reading your blogs :)

  3. Aw you are so sweet!! I was really stressed about having enough for the kids to do since everyone else's kids were so much more active than D. (i.e. he still wasn't walking) so I'm glad you guys had a good time! And it totally helped that ya'll brought food.

    And I hope the awkward feelings fade as we spend more time at each other's houses. I'm the same way - not knowing what to do, where to sit - and I'm so self-conscious of how D behaves that I don't want him to hit or push one of the other kiddos and then have everyone hate us. Hopefully he gets better at playdates soon.