On My Mind

I thought I’d just jot down a few things that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.
Baby Food:
                I started wondering if Emma is eating too much. I mean, she had another growth spurt, so her major chunk is gone, but she’s still on the chunkier side I think. I know it fades with their ever-increasing mobility, but I can’t help but feel like she is over eating at the fault of my own.
                Currently, at wakeup she gets a 6oz bottle, 8:30am is whole fruit (3.5oz) and 9 or 9:30am is 5oz bottle. Anywhere from 12 to 1pm she gets a half or whole veggie, then a 5oz bottle a little later. Then at 3:30 or so she will have another 5oz bottle (with or without the other half of the veggie). 6:30pm she gets a 4oz bottle, then bedtime routine starts at 7:15pm with half prunes and ends at 8pm with a 4 or 5oz bottle.
                So, that’s around 8.75oz of food for the day, and around 30oz of formula. I’m not quite sure, but it seems like too much. I know she’s a BIG baby and all, but shouldn’t her formula intake decrease? I mean, she’s also getting around 6oz of water a day and sometimes a few puffs (this isn’t a regular thing). Her doctor was never concerned with her weight because of her height, but I think I will always wonder if I’m giving her everything she needs; this includes moderation.
                I have a couple friends who are teaching or have taught their child sign language. I had thought long and hard about this. While I was pregnant I was all for it. I think it’s fascinating. Now that Emma is here and growing/learning at an alarming rate I have decided not to sign. Why? Well, on one hand, I feel like it is a way to communicate with your child early on. On the other hand I think “Why would they talk if there’s no need to?” So, since in my eyes Emma is a quick learner (hello?!? crawling at 7mos?!?), I am just repeating small words for her to hear over and over again. Emma. Momma. Dada. Daddy. Okie. Baba. Binky. Words like those. 2-syllable. She says “hi” already, but I don’t think there is context behind it. Same with “dada.” She also has down the following: Yayayaya, babababa, googoogoogoo, dadadada, thathathatha. Also, she most recently learned to whisper. It’s creepy to wake-up to “dadadada” whispers. Lol.
Car Seats:
                Well, I’m pretty sure I’m breaking the law with this one. I think my pumpkin seat is only eligible for a baby up to 30”. Since Em was at 29.5” almost two months ago I’m pretty sure we’ve surpassed the limit. So, we’ve been buying the “Stage 2” car seats. Convertible? Is that what they are called? Anyway, Gene and I found one on clearance at Target. It only goes to 50lbs, but it was super cheap and I get an extra 5% off with my Red Card so we bought it. One down, two to go. Next, Gene is buying the second one tonight at Target. They have their Eddie Bauer 65-something one on sale, plus I have a 20% off coupon, plus we get another 5% off… good deal! So for the time being, until we find another awesome deal, the pumpkin seat car seat will “live” in Mom and Dad’s Jeep, and Gene and I will each have a convertible. This scares me because even if she’s sleeping we will have to wake her up to take her inside. So much for my sound-sleeping-move from the car to the house.
Home and Goods:
                So, since we’ve had Emma, our house has been turned upside-down… and not the Fresh Prince way; the unorganized, cluttered, messy way. I’ve actually done a fantastic job since Emma has been born of keeping it uncluttered for the most part, but we are accumulating more and there seems to be less space. Also, we are in need of new windows, new carpet, a new couch, new end tables, new bathroom shower plumbing, etc. So, I’ve been slowly trying to get this all figured out (on my own for the most part). My plan is to purchase a couch, have the old couch picked up, get new carpet down, bring in new couch, look for end tables, get taxes done, get new windows with tax money, get a plumber’s estimate, get new plumbing done. Hmmm, I also need to get the house repainted. I also need to purchase some organizing items I’ve found online. And all of this… needs to be done before Emma’s first birthday party on July 13th. Wow.
Well, that’s all I have time for today.  J Wasn’t meaning to cut it off here, but it is what it is. There’s only so much time in a day.


  1. I haven't ever figured how much food she eats a day but on my estimate, AR drinks about 29 oz/day. However, I have noticed that she's not drinking as much and is eating WAY more now that we're doing table food. I'm trying to make it through winter and then through June in the pumpkin seat...we'll see how that goes!

  2. I asked my doc how much food to feed C and he said just give her as much as she wants. Babies are great self regulators of how many calories they need. If she lets you know she's done, just stop the feeding then instead of "one more bite" and no worries about it being too much!

    C's breakfast - 4tb oatmeal, 3.5oz fruit, Lunch - 3oz veggie or a combo like meat/veggie (she really likes apples and chicken too!) Dinner is 4tb oatmeal and 3.5 oz of fruit or veggie. We've been doing an afternoon snack from time to time of veggie poofs or puffs, and we also let her do a finger foods with meals since we are practicing that... Sometimes I replace her oatmeal with a mini pancake or eggs.

    So, C eats A LOT of food and she still nurses ever 2-3 hours during the day. Just follow your mommy instincts!