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Have I mentioned to you all how excited I get for Emma’s check-ups? I get to go, ask as many questions as I want to, I get to see her height and weight listed out for me, and I always walk out feeling like I might be doing okay as a parent. I honestly wish I would have just taken her each month for a check-up… but I don’t have that much vacation time so that wouldn’t happen really.
Anyway, my sweet baby turned 9 months old TODAY! I can’t believe how big she is getting. I mean, I know they get bigger as time goes by and all, but when it happens to your own baby it’s kind of shocking. Just 9 months ago she was so tiny. Haha. Well, tiny for a human, not tiny for a baby because let’s face it, she was a BIG baby.
Isn’t funny that nine months being pregnant, waiting for your bundle of joy, it feels like it really takes years instead of months? Then afterwards, nine months go by so quickly. What makes it even more strange, is that each day feels like three. So really, I feel like 27 months have gone by. Lol.
I’m already starting to plan out Emma’s first birthday party. Pinterest will be a big help in the end, but really, all the thoughts I’ve come up with so far are my own original ones. That could be why there’s no real theme, but it’ll be great no matter what. J
I think Gene is worried that I’ll go over the top, because I will. Yes, I’m going to invite way too many people. And yes, I’m going to go overboard with food and drinks. But, I love to entertain, so that’s how it always is… he should be used to that! *I might even have a photo area for guests to get their pictures taken!
A co-worker is pregnant. I’m jealous. I wanted to hurry up and get to cookin’ another one right away, but Gene decided that he wanted to wait. How are we supposed to be the Duggars if we wait so long?!?! My thought on it is that if we didn’t do it right away, then we were going to wait like a year and a half before trying again. Then I read an article just this week about how more U.S. women are dying during and after childbirth. It’s scary stuff! It makes me think that Emma might just have to be the only one. But, I want to also say that I couldn’t be happier for said co-worker. I’ve already started making a list of all the things that worked out so well for Emma and her friends so that I can be sure to get them for her. J Oh, and she’s having a girl!!!
So, Emma goes to the doctor on Monday and I will be sure to post her stats and all conversations had with the doctor right away. If I had to guess, I think Emma is around 32” long, and 26lbs. We shall see if I’m close. J
Talk to you Monday!

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