Wow. Next week my child will turn one year old. I will have a one-year-old. I, who would get grossed out by kids in my younger years, who never thought I’d rear a child of my own, will have kept my child alive (God willing) for one whole year (and hopefully each year after as well). Again, wow. I’m trying very hard to not get too emotional about the fact that one day she won't be my sweet, precious, itty-bitty baby.
Time is just speeding on by. Well, not all time; my time at work creeps by as if to taunt me. But, my home life and my time with my precious baby Emma just flies on by. It’s sad. Because of the “difference” in time, I feel like I spend double the hours at work over the ones I see Emma awake. When in reality, I see her awake on average 42 hours per week versus my 42.5 at work. Not much difference there… unless I factor in drive time, and time getting ready that would be much better spent in my PJs chasing Emma around the house as a tickle monster. FYI – she’s talking more and more and getting more active, so I may be just a bit bitter about having to work. Also, just to throw out there, her favorite to say is “what’s that?”
With Emma’s impending first birthday approaching rapidly I have really started to dive into party planning. Well, when I say party planning, I mean deep cleaning. While I’m not a neat freak by any means, and I enjoy my time with Emma versus cleaning BEHIND the toilet, I figure that I do have some friends and family (yes, Mom, you’re one) that will notice the little dust bunny that may be at arm’s-reach of one of the visiting children.  So, before my Mom comes over to inspect my house this weekend, I thought I’d make an attempt to get it as clean as hers. And before you ask, yes, Emma has taste-tested a dust bunny or two. I guess I’m a bad Mommy when it comes to that.
With all of the said cleaning and deep-cleaning also comes organizing, rearranging furniture, buying new furniture, buying storage to get us organized, etc. I’m exhausted just thinking about it because my house was apparently so bad that taking care of one task will just open up your eyes to two more. At this point, I honestly have no idea how we will be ready in time, nor do I have any idea how the three of us even managed to live there! You know, because Okie is just fine with the way the house is… considering she’s the one who will roll around in the stinkiest of messes outside. Ugh. Whoa! I’m not saying my house stinks – to point that out.
I have been managing to fit the fun stuff in too. Just this week I got Emma’s party dress in the mail. Long, but super cute. I also received the goodie bag contents in the mail as well, to which I put together right away. I ordered everything online for those and while I was super excited about my decisions when I made them, I’m questioning my judgment now. I always do that though so I hope nobody else thinks they are as lame as I am thinking they might be.
Still left on the agenda are some arts and crafts for decorations, I need to pick up a few more things at the store, I need to coordinate folding tables and chairs for seating, baby-proofing to avoid a hurt visiting baby (and lawsuit) and then lastly I will need to get the food and bake the cake and/or cupcakes the night before.  See? I’m not that behind, right? Or did I forget something?
Now, my biggest fear…. Nobody is coming. I’ve gotten only one confirmed RSVP from family for the party and they will be coming two hours after the start. I’ve gotten one maybe. I did have four friends with kids confirm they are coming, and three friends without kids. Oh, and my parents will be there. That just leaves about 30 (yes, THIRTY) other people pending. If you are reading this and you have not RSVP’d yes (or no), please ease my pain and text me. Otherwise, the party may be a dud.
Well, that’s it in a nutshell. I should see some family tomorrow for the holiday, so I will pester them about coming to the party, and if you’re a friend of mine you can expect a text from me next week. Hopefully I will have all the furniture bought and moved, and the house clean and ready for company. I do love to throw parties so I am very much hoping everything is up to par so that I can relax and actually entertain.
I have to keep reminding myself that everyone is coming for Emma; to celebrate her very first birthday on Earth (and for those of you who know me, for no scars yet, haha). People won’t be judging me for my bathtub being peach, the furniture not in the perfect spot, or my spare bedroom not being completely tidy…

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  1. D and I will be there! Not sure about the hubs yet. He may use the baby-free hours to go golfing instead. ha!

    Also, rest assured no one will be judging you for anything. Well, I take that back. I judge people if they don't have cake at a party. Or at least some ice cream or brownies or something. But I see you've got that covered so it'll be GREAT! ;)