Too Busy to Blog - The Gist of My Current Life

Seriously guys, I have been so busy that I completely forgot about blogging. I know, how could that be?!?! Well, I know everyone has been busy lately, but let me just tell you that my busy schedule was doubled and my “busy-ness” is to the extreme. Side note - I wish I lived in Italy where it is okay to go slow and take time to enjoy the world and life happening around you!

For those of you that don’t know, I got a new job! Same company, but sometime around the beginning of February I became the Product Assistant; my previous title being Managed Care Administrator. Major shift! I haven't a clue what I'm doing in the product world. Lol. While I don’t have the time for a detailed post about it (like I would have liked), I did want to say a few things about what life is like for me right now.

As of right now there is no replacement for my old position. Whether they refill it or not is up in the air and I’m sure there’s a grand plan for it all, but as of right now there isn’t anyone. Well a few of my old responsibilities are not able to sit idle, and for the time being I am still doing those. So my weeks are split in half between the jobs (temporarily). On top of that, a friend/co-worker went on maternity leave just a couple weeks after I took my new position. She had a boy! He's so precious too. Anyway, while she is not in the Managed Care department, she did something that I am familiar with, so therefore while she is out I need to do parts of her job as well.

The stress is getting to me. My neck, shoulders and back are all feeling the pain and I am now seeing two different chiropractors until I can determine which one is better suited to fix me. I went to the doctor last week for pains and headaches – I need to have blood work done for him, but when am I going to fit that in?!?! I’ve had to cancel and reschedule appointments for doctors left and right because I just don’t have the time. I also need to get in to see the dentist because I broke a filling and I think I need a root canal (on top of my bi-annual cleaning). It’s seemingly too difficult for me to get in to fix my ailments though, so I guess I’ll hold off on that.

This past weekend I had the flu (I’m thinking that my tired and stressed out body was too weak to fend it off). Friday I went home from work sick. By the time I got home, my fever had spiked and I had some serious chills. I was delirious. It lasted for three days. By the end of the day Sunday, I couldn’t tell you what was real and what was in my head. Even Monday was foggy. I went back to work and it was like I was in a haze. I actually was clear-headed at the time, but like the weekend, I couldn’t tell you much of what happened that day. Clear-headed as I was though, I left early to go get a strep test, and sure enough I had strep throat. I took off Tuesday so I didn’t get anyone else sick. Thank goodness for antibiotics though because I had also developed a slight sinus infection and a bladder infection as well, and everything is slowly going away.

Anyway, I’m basically covering 2.5 positions at the moment, my hours are a bit longer, and by the time I get home from work I am beyond exhausted. I am jam packed on the weekends, and if you add in the flu this past weekend, I really don’t have any time to spare. I have gone to the grocery store maybe once since the beginning of February. I made my first Target trip last night. I send Gene to pick up random things we need when he leaves work. We get take-out way too much.

I’m spent. I’ve had no time for blogging. My home life is so routine now. I go home, we do dinner (whatever it may be), we play with Emma and do chores, we do Emma’s bedtime, then I sit on the couch to rest and fall asleep within 15 minutes. I mean, I’m fine with routine and all, but I can’t seem to fit anything else in. Not with this cold weather anyway.

To vent a second about my sleep, since I mentioned I fall asleep right after Emma does... I sleep about nine hours every night, but when I wake it’s like I slept three. I’m tired all day. Why? Do I need a new bed? Is my neck causing me to wake? I’ve tried to set my alarm to be up at 5am, but I’m miserable. I tried to stay up later and only get 6 hours of sleep, 7 hours, 8 hours… none are enough. The only time that I can honestly say I was okay with my sleep schedule since having Emma, was from the time she was about one month, until she was between eight and nine months. In that time frame I would wake in the middle of the night a couple times to feed her and put her back to sleep. I’d get about 6 hours of sleep a night and felt great. It was interrupted, it wasn’t sound sleep, but I felt great the entire day. I just have no idea why I am so tired all the time now. It’s frustrating.

Well, that’s the gist of my life right now. You know, besides the little details. :-)

I’m looking forward to warmer weather. For Emma to play in the back yard; to get outside and let her explore the world. I’m anxious for BBQs and pool time. I think we might even take a vacation this year. Each spring I am filled with endless thoughts of possibilities for the summer. Having a child is the most fun and rewarding thing ever. I can’t wait to see what she learns, what she does, her reactions, etc.

I’m also looking forward to the little things. My friend Liz is having her second child soon and I can’t wait to meet him. My friend Alyssa and I already have plans set this month and I’m sure we will have tons more with the kiddos when the weather cooperates. I turn 30 at the end of this month so there will be festivities. Gene and I are going to the Lake next weekend for a short getaway (Spring Break).

Life is busy, but it’s exciting. I just hope I can keep up!

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