Friday's Fifteen

Almost every morning when I’m driving to work I think about awesome things to blog about! However, as you’ve probably already guessed where I’m going with this, I forget before I have the time to write (which is almost never these days anyway). So what do I blog about? There are a few bloggers out there who do “Five on Friday” to recap the week’s events and such, but I don’t want to steal that idea from them, so maybe I will start my own thing and call it “Friday’s Fifteen.” I mean, how hard can it be to come up with 15 things from the week? Let’s try it…

1.  Emma acted strange all week. Extremely tired, clingy, low appetite, mood swings, and even a fever at times. She still has the sneezes, and a cough after she wakes up. I was thinking either allergies or walking pneumonia (kidding, but not kidding), but now I’m just thinking it might be allergies and/or teething.

2.  Gene went out with a friend on Wednesday night, so I picked up dinner from KFC on my way to my parents’ house, for me, Emma and my Dad. The drive-thru guy said “here are your two sweet teas,” to which I replied “one is unsweet right?” And do you know he had the nerve to say “yeah, that’s what I meant to say.” No. It was sweet. Then, I get back into Missouri, and realize that my green beans aren’t in there! I was going to deal with the tea, but I paid extra for Emma’s green beans! I turned around and went back and got my stuff straightened out. But they didn’t even give me a free cookie for wasting my time! Nice customer service. Bummer.

3.  I am going to look for an outdoor playset for Emma. She plays outside all the time at my parents’ house, but hardly ever at home bc we don’t have anything fun. I need to change that in a hurry.

4.  With Mother’s Day fast approaching I realize how little time I actually get to spend with my Mom. I’m over-the-moon happy that Emma gets to spend almost every day with her, but I miss my Mom.

5.  I finally got up the nerve to sing at church in front of Gene. Gene can be the most judgmental and awkward person, and being married to him doesn’t change that. Most of the time I can’t even be myself around him.

6.  I feel bad that the people who watch Emma while we are at church, during service, don’t get to be a part of the service. Do you think they stay for both and just watch the kids through one? What happens in the summer when it’s one service then? I want to volunteer for a day, but I’ve never watched someone else’s kid before, let alone a bunch!

7.  I am in dire need of Spring/Summer clothes. Either I change my ideas on fashion yearly, or I dressed like a slob last year! Or both. Either way, my options are limited and I’m not digging it.

8.  I didn’t have a good shopping trip at Target. They were out of the diapers I needed, they were out of the “free item with purchase,” I couldn’t find any clothes with Miss Emma running everywhere, and I forgot gift receipts, dog food and greeting cards. Oy.

9.  Work has been stressful. Better than my previous position, but stressful right now. Let’s just leave it at that.

10.  Some moms and I are trying to get a Supper Club started. I say moms, but they’re not all Emma’s friends’ moms. Anyway, a supper club seems like so much fun, so I really hope we do it!

11.  I’ve got baby fever!

12.  I asked my Dad if he’d want to take Emma to a swim class each week. They would only be able to do it if the time was just right, but Emma is usually all about my Mom, so I bet this would be something fun for her and her Pawpaw to do.

13.  I need to get the ball going on Emma’s birthday party. It’s two months away and if I keep putting it off I’ll be all stressed when it gets here. I found a funny ecard recently; it said: “You know those moms out there who seem to be able to do it all? I need to hire one of them to do some stuff for me!” Haha.

14.  I keep getting this tugging feeling to be a stay-at-home-mom. I have no idea why, because I like having money, but it just keeps resurfacing. Something keeps making me contemplate it.

15.  Emma is getting better by the day! She communicates so well now that we can have the best time! I know what she wants because she tells me, she understands what I ask her or what I tell her to do, and she can help decide the events of the day! I love it. I love her!

There you go! Fifteen things from the week. Thoughts and all. :-)

If I have enough hits, I might have to continue the post weekly!

See you next time!

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  1. Dang! That's a lot...good job! Can't wait to see you.