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I posted a while ago about how much Emma enjoyed herself when we took her to Incredible Pizza Company in South County. I had a few responses about other kids enjoying it too, but one stood out to me; a Momma friend said that she didn't know it was for children of Emma's age (she too has a child around that age). That sparked my interest even more for reviewing this location. I want other Moms out there to know that they can take their small children there for a good time.

I'm only going to discuss our most recent visit there (which was only our second time).

I looked up the hours of operation ahead of time, and saw that they opened at 11am on Saturdays. We decided to avoid the rush and the nap time meltdowns, by arriving right when they open. Well, low and behold, we were later than 11... I'm still not a pro at getting both kids out the door in a reasonable amount of time - something always happens. Not to mention is was raining outside and Emma had to play with her umbrella for a while.

We had to wait in a small line once we got into the establishment (even though the line was small, it was an exceptionally long wait... speedier staff would be helpful). Once up to the counter, a young man helped us decide the best course of action for what we wanted to achieve that day - lunch, go kart action, and games being our top priorities. We went with an eat and play combo at the price of $23 and change, and an extra buffet for an adult. We had started with just $40, so we had him add the rest to the game card. Once it was said and done we had two adult buffets, two kids buffets (although Alice didn't eat), four attraction passes and $14 and change on a game card. Not too shabby for a family of four with a $40 budget!

Once we got past the front counters, it was just a short trip through the buffet area before we reached the arcade. Lots of lights all over the place, but it was pretty quiet in there since we were one of the first few. Emma headed straight for her favorite thing - the go karts. We walked to the go kart counter and it was unattended. There was a sign on the table that said go karts start at 11:00 am and run for 15 minute intervals, every 30 minutes. That didn't sound right to me, but after I found someone to help me, I discovered that the sign was for weekdays only, and on weekends go karts don't even start until noon for some reason. Bummer.

We filled our time with lots of games. We started in Tiny Town. It's games just right for toddlers. It seems as though Tiny Town doesn't get as much attention as the rest of the arcade, because there were two games broken, and two that had "issues" with them. But other than the broken ones, Emma was completely oblivious to the "issues." They do have an area that they can climb up into as well (this is free), but Emma has never been big on heights so she went a few feet in and came right back out. The games in Tiny Town were $0.50 or $0.75 each, so your money lasts longer in there and the games seem to last longer as well. There's one that you even get a printout of your coloring page and a picture of the artist. Cute.

The "big kid games" started right outside of Tiny Town, and progressively got more difficult as you headed to the other end of the arcade. I found that there were not many games that offered a lot of tickets. Maybe I should reword that... they offered lots of tickets, but were nearly impossible to get. I would normally expect this, but for a kids establishment, I would have thought they would give you more. But, kids don't see that. Only the parents. ;-)

There are tons of claw games which we love, but they are very difficult and were $1 or more per try. I did see a girl walking around with one toy from each machine, so I guess it just might not have been our day. Very cute toys and stuffed animals in them... not the cheap stuff.

We took a break from the games and we headed to the buffet to eat. Tons of options here - Salad, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Chicken Bites, French Fries, Soup, Tacos, Nachos, Dessert, Ice Cream, Slushies, Tons of Drink options, etc. Emma loves salad, so she had lots of it, some pizza and some chicken, and then way too much ice cream, slushy and lemonade. At this point, I could just picture the sugar meltdowns that will happen when we try to leave. Haha.

After lunch, Alice fell asleep and we headed to the go karts again. The line was long and slow. It took about 40 minutes for Emma and her Daddy to get to ride. Emma loves go karts. If it wasn't so busy we would have used all four attraction passes right then and there. But, after the first time, I couldn't wait through it all again.

We played more games and looked at all the other attractions which were either too "big" for her or too busy at that time. Bowling, bumper cars, a 3D real-life type of ride. I cannot wait for her to get bigger and be able to do those things!

We were already an hour past nap time and running out of money, so we decided to go ahead and cash in our tickets for some prizes. After all the games we played, we only had 120 tickets. I didn't really see anything exciting under 100. Another bummer. I let her pick them herself (even if they were silly). She felt like a big girl shopping for her own things. It was too cute.

Walking out, we saw that a balloon artist was there making animals for tips. So we stopped and he played a little trick on her and then made her a balloon bunny rabbit. He's there every Saturday afternoon and he's great with the kids.

Emma had such a good time. I'm telling you, for the little amount of money we paid, our family of four (counting Alice who is 5 months old) spent three hours having a great time. Emma is still talking about it!

I'm sure we will go back numerous times. Maybe even have a birthday party there if Emma wants. I just love to see her happy, and this place does it.

If you have children 2 years and older, you should give it a try! You don't have to eat there, you can just play, but why not eat too because the pizza is soooo good!

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I received a gift card to this establishment to visit and review. I was asked to give my honest opinion and have done so above. My thoughts and views have not been swayed, and I was not told to give a positive (or negative) review in any way. I received this opportunity through US Family Guide.

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