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Are you an avid reader? I’m not, by any means, but I am a passionate one. When I get into a book, I really get into it. I walk around for days thinking about the story, the plot, and I contemplate what will happen next or what the ending will look like. I even compare my life to the story and I daydream what life would be like if the story was about me.
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I’ve learned over time that I like love stories. No, not like romance novels; frankly I could do without all the dirty bits. I’m talking about genuine love stories. They can be off-the-wall ones too, so long as they have a great story about falling in love. I think that’s why Twilight stuck with me; it was a lovely off-the-wall story about an innocent girl falling in love with the “bad boy,” who turned out not to be so bad after all. Love it.

Sometimes, I’ll think I found a great new book to read by reading the back cover, but then it’ll turn out to be garbage. Oh, I hate when that happens. I’ll start reading and I can’t even get past the first chapter. Yes, I’m one of those people… You know, the one that needs to be sucked in within the first 30 pages. I’m also the type to never put it down once I start; I think I finished reading New Moon at 4am one night (like, I read all night long until the following morning).

My friend Cayla is always ready with some good book suggestions for me; she keeps a long list of her favorites that usually fit right into what I’m looking for. But, I’m also curious to see what everyone else finds captivating (maybe it shows me a bit more about who YOU are).

So, tell me, what book(s) do you think I’ll love?

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