Summer Vacation - Coming Soon!

Well, it's official, this Momma took initiative and planned out her family vacation. It will be early summer, and we will be going to sunny Gulf Shores, Alabama. 


My family and I have never been to Gulf Shores before. I've been to Florida more times than I can remember, but this will be something new for all of us. *Yes, my parents and cousins are going with us as well, and I'm super excited about it!

Before children, the hubs and I didn't make it a point to travel. We never really had the money to, or if we did I was being frugal and chose not to. Then, once we advanced in our careers (after kids), we decided to plan yearly trips for our girls to see the world; we will stick to the US until they're older and can appreciate what the world has to offer. Check out our Spring Training trip HERE.

Since we've mapped out the travel (we're driving), and we have our house booked, now it comes down to the fine details... like what to wear. Haha! I'm not one to buy new clothes for vacation, but this year I just so happened to catch the new year Lilly Pulitzer clearance sale. And if you know Lilly, then you know that the prints are bright and VERY summer-y. So, I guess you can say I've started on my vacation wardrobe. 

I've also started to check out the local happenings in Gulf Shores. I found a few places to go, but I could use a little help from those that have been there. They have a petting zoo, a water park, some state parks, a recreation type place (go-karts, etc.), and some historic locales as well, but nothing that screams excitement. We will probably spend a lot of time on the beach, but it would be nice to have family-type fun in mind as well. And restaurants!!! We will eat at the house a lot, but I still want to go to a few top-notch eating establishments!

That all said, for me, this vacation is just to relax. I'm not going to plan out dates and times for any of our trip (other than check-ins), so hopefully that keeps it very relaxed and we can decide day-to-day what our plans are. I'm thinking beach time, board games and maybe even some late-night movies. Casual. I don't want to come back exhausted; I want to come back recharged.

So, June can't get here soon enough. I could really use a vacation right now, but, it'll have to wait. In the meantime, I will daydream about those gorgeous beaches and rolling waves. 

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