Too Comfy

While I sat pondering, yet again, why Baby Brink hasn't made their arrival yet, a co-worker of mine mentioned this one good point... I've made it too good for the baby in there. Could that be it?

I've done my best (for the most part) to avoid things I shouldn't eat.

- No lunch meat to avoid listeria.
- No fish at all (only b/c I can't remember which ones are okay) - I ate tuna once, and it turned out to be canned albacore which is a no-no apparently, so I decided to avoid it altogether.
- No bean sprouts.
- No Caffeine at all - with the exception of a few sips here and there when I shared a drink with Gene or had a headache, but never more than an ounce or two a day and that really only happened a handful of times the entire 9 months.
- No alcohol, not even red wine.
- No artificial sweetner of any kind (can't remember the good from the bad).
- No frozen tv dinners. I was trying to avoid super processed foods completely, but sometimes hot dogs and pizza rolls consumed my mind.

However, I did eat 2 things that I shouldn't have supposedly.

- Raw eggs. I had mayo on quite a few occasions, as well as frozen custard a handful of times.
- White Mexican cheese. I forgot and ordered enchiladas in the third trimester which were with white cheese instead of the cheddar cheese Chevy's uses. Instead of switching with Gene I ate it anyway.

Also, I drink 80 to 100 ounces of water a day, and I rub my belly a lot. I think that because I can feel the baby, I rub it like I'm comforting the them. Maybe this is like a massage to them and they think it will stop when they are out here.

Okay, okay. I know that it's not the baby who decides when labor will start. To be honest, all websites and professionals say that nobody knows for sure what makes a woman finally go, but speculation is that it all has to do with hormones. If that's really the case, then I don't see how walking will help, or sex, or spicy food, or any other wives tale out there.

I've walked a ton, and baby is still as low as it has been the last 3 weeks or so. The whole sex thing would be way too awkward I think at this point (have you seen my belly?!?!). I tried some spicy food - not spicy hot, just spicy in general, and nothing.

So, long story short, I think I'm just stuck waiting it out. I don't think anything can be done at this point, which I guess I'm okay with since baby is healthy. But, I can't help but think now that my awesome pregnancy and my determined nature to not consume anything they say not to, has made my baby too comfy in there.

You'd think the baby would try to get out just to stretch!


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  1. AR didn't want to come out either and needed a little convincing! S/he will be here sooner than later. Hang in there!