A New Dishwasher Soap (A Thrilling Tale)

Okay, you're going to think I'm nuts... Since I first became pregnant with Emma (October 2011), I can taste the soap on all of our dishes after being washed in the dishwasher! I can smell it while it's running. I can even taste it if I wash stuff by hand and rinse like crazy! Gene swears he can't smell or taste any of it, but how can he not; it's so strong!

We've switched soaps more times than I dare to recall. I wouldn't even wait until we were out; I'd have to switch right then and there. It was a losing (and costly) battle. Seriously. I just re-rinsed and paper-towel-dried all of my dishes before using them, and heaven forbid if a plastic Pyrex lid touched the food inside because if it did the food was completely inedible.

Now, what I'm about to tell you is all me. I wasn't offered free products, I haven't been paid, and it's all my own words being used here... but I've found the answer!

I was at Target and saw that The Honest Company had dishwasher packs. I was intrigued. I had used the household cleaning products from "Honest" before, but nothing for dishes!

I knew that The Honest Company was all chemical-free and plant-based products, and most were scent-free as well. I also knew that all of their products were safe for children and infants. So, I thought I'd give it a try. Now, mind you, I have a love-hate relationships with packs - laundry packs, dishwasher packs, ice packs (haha) - so I wasn't too excited about trying the dishwasher packs at first, but let me tell you, it's the best move I could have made!

The packs are actually a bit pricey for this frugal Momma. $11 for 32 loads ($0.34 per load), and we run 32 loads in less than two months. However, I tried very hard to smell the soap while the dishwasher was running... but nothing. I opened the door once it was done and stuck my head in... and still nothing! I took a PLASTIC CUP (gasp!) from the dishwasher, did not rinse it first, drank water out of it, and I was shocked to taste... nothing! I'm sold!

I decided to check out the other options from Honest.com, and I found that they have Dishwasher Rinse Aid ($5.95 for 70 loads = $0.09 per load), Liquid Dishwasher Soap ($5.95 for 40 loads = $0.15 per load), Dish Soap (for hand-washing), and more. I bought each of those online (the rinse aid is 1/3 of the cost online than at Target, yes, it's $15.95 there), as well as an oxy booster for the laundry and a fabrics air freshener. All safe for babies and kids!

The reason for this post is that I wanted not only to share my good news, but to share the wealth! All new customers can use promo code INVITED10 for $10 off of $30. If you're new to Honest, and you invite three friends after your first purchase, you get a free product of your choice added to your cart as well! No catches, no gimmicks. :-)

Here is the link to get you there: http://www.honest.com/accept_invitation/704858

If you try the products for yourself, or have any favorites that you love, tell me about them!

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