The Friday Four - 2.13.15

1.       LOVE – I absolutely loved the nice weather we had last weekend. It was so amazing to be able to get out of the house and spend a few hours outside each day. On Saturday, We went to the park for about 45 minutes, but with the wind it was still a bit chilly. So instead, Emma played the day away at my parents’ house – she dug in dirt, blew bubbles, played with the bubble gun, drew with chalk, and so much more! You’d think she would be too exhausted for anything on Sunday, but she played hard in the morning, and then we sat outside for lunch at DQ. She took a nice nap, and then we played indoors at home because she had a slight fever for some reason. It was a wonderful weekend, and I just wish that every weekend could be that enjoyable.

2.       LIKE – Food. Right now I don’t have much to look forward to on a daily basis, but I’m recently branching out and trying new things and new restaurants. It’s so exciting! No, it’s not as good as a rum and diet or Million Dollar Margarita, but it’s all I really have right now. This weekend is Valentine’s Day, so the hubs and I are going to Maggiano’s for the first time. I’ve scoped out their menu, and I am so excited!

3.       WANT – I want a tablet for work. I am the only one in my department without an iPad. Seriously. It has come to the point that pen and paper are no longer enough. I mean, come on, I shouldn’t feel left out because I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, but I totally do. I’d really like a Surface Pro because it can do everything my computer could do (so I’ve heard), but who the heck had a grand to drop? Not me. I mean, I do, but I think I’d be sick over it for a long time. So, the plan is to sell all of our junk at the garage sale at Six Flags in March, so that I’m not using any of our usual funds to purchase something frivolous. We’ll see how that goes. Chances are I’ll get an iPad Mini simply because the cost is low. I’d still be happy with it though. :-)

4.       HATE – I hate all of the judgment swirling around about the people who are going to see the 50 Shades of Grey movie. Why does it bother me? Well, I feel that I have every right to go see it; I am a grown woman, who is going to go see the movie with her husband. I’m not going alone to have improper thoughts. I’m not going to watch the movie to become an adulterer looking for some S&M action. I’m simply going to see it because it is the type of movie that I want to go see on Valentine’s Day with my husband. Aren’t you wondering what the hype is about? Another point I have, is that there wasn’t even this much hype over the book, when the book obviously has more details in it (you can’t even make the WHOLE book into a movie otherwise it would be called pornography). I’ve even read articles that stemmed from peoples’ curiosity of the Duggars’ ability to abstain, that said that romance novels and erotica were the ways young women should explore themselves before they find their husband. Since when did we stop using our brain just because we read a book? I mean, people can still have values after they read this book… right? Maybe I’m wrong; I haven’t read it.

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