The Friday Four - 3.6.15

LIKE – I’m liking the fact that I can see 60 degree weather in the forecast! This cold weather has got me in a funk. I’ve worn my hair up for two weeks straight! I know, I know, the weather has nothing to do with me wearing my hair up, but it just goes to show that I’m in a “blah” mood about the everyday norm lately. Just think… 60 degrees, sunshine, outdoors with fresh air, taking the kiddo to the park, etc. I’m so excited! Starting this nice weather off, we have a garage sale at Six Flags to go sell at. Wish us luck because I need to get rid of some junk!

LOVE – Baby kicks! Little Baby Brink is just kicking away in there! And it’s not just kicks really – it’s flips and turns and stretches too! Honestly, sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach when I feel them doing their yoga poses. But, there’s no better feeling while pregnant. Just to feel this small child growing in your belly is such a blessing! I may moan and groan that I’m uncomfortable or tired, but this is such a joy that I wish fathers could experience as well.

WANT – Besides the obvious (nice weather and a bouncy baby), I want some Cardinals tickets! I am so excited to see our team play! Granted, I’ll probably go in April and be over it since this pregnancy has included hip and back pain along with occasional foot swelling. But, nonetheless, I’m very excited for our guys to get started at home! And for supreme nachos.

HATE – I hate that I am such a complainer lately. My poor husband has had to deal with me bailing on chores, nagging at him for not picking up my slack, my food cravings and then it not making the cut, etc. I complain to co-workers, my Mom, my friends… basically anyone who will listen. I’m not usually like that. I just hate that this pregnancy has been so icky and not glorious like it was with Emma. Maybe that means I will have an easy-going baby? Fingers crossed!

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