The Friday Four - 4.3.15 (and a pregnancy update)

LIKE – You’re going to think I’m nuts here, but I’m really liking spearmint ChapStick! For Christmas, my Mom bought me a three-pack of ChapStick as a stocking stuffer. One of the “flavors” was spearmint. Guys, it is awesome! The only downside is that I have no idea where to buy more. It seems that most places only have the original flavors (colors black, baby blue and red). I know what you’re thinking… “out of a two week time span, all she could like is ChapStick?” Hahaha, well, it’s that good!

LOVE – I love that I finally know that our newest baby will be a little girl. I’ve already ordered and received the decorations for her room, and Emma is already moved into her “big girl room.” She is surprisingly taking to her new room really well, but it’s still a long process because we are now fitting all of the stuff from her old room, plus all of her toys, into her new room. This is why we need to sell our house and get a new place with a play area. I digress. The baby girl’s room may just stay the white and sorbet orange it is now, but I’ll add pops of yellow and maroon. I started looking at decals tonight, but nothing is standing out for me yet. I hope to have it all done in the next couple weeks because I’m blowing up fast and getting uncomfortable.

WANT – I want a stinking snocone! On my birthday (March 28th), Molly O’s Tropical Sno in St. Charles was supposed to re-open for the season. I had every intention of hitting it up, but we never had the time. Then we were going to the day after, but after cake and ice cream with my parents, I couldn’t take any more sugar. So here it is, a few days later, and I still haven’t had my shaved ice. Can you just picture my sad, pregnant, no snocone face?

HATE – Remember how I told you about the “wonder weeks” in my last Friday Four? Well, we had like two or three awesome days in the last 2 weeks (all in a row), and at this point, if Emma was like 11 years older I’d swear it was that time of the month for her. She’s so emotional right now and I can’t tell if it’s her “cloudy days” or if it’s a growth spurt. She cried all the way to school this morning because it wasn’t her birthday. It all started because I asked her if she was going to have fun at the Easter party. So she says “Is the party for my birthday?” I replied “No, your birthday isn’t until July.” Cue the water works. Real tears here people; tears and uncontrollable crying. No binky could console her, and no matter what I said it just made it worse. I’m hating all of these rollercoaster emotions. I can’t keep up. I feel like this is what my husband felt like while we were dating right out of high school.


As of tomorrow (Friday), I will officially be at the 30 week mark. I’m in the last fourth of my pregnancy journey. Thank goodness!!! I set the date, and unless God has something else in mind, I’m due for a scheduled C-Section on Monday, June 8th. With that said, I’m actually only 9 weeks and 3 days away. Single digits!

I’m gaining about a pound per week. I feel like it’s more like five pounds per week though. I’m getting bigger (everywhere), my feet are growing/swelling, I’m out of breath a lot from the lack of room for my lungs, I get physically tired from the smallest of tasks (think grocery shopping), and I’m just all around uncomfortable. It was not like this with Emma at all. Granted, I ate a lot better and was hitting up the gym three days a week when I got pregnant. But, this big difference is making me very whiney and I’m not sure if it’s from the fact that I’m uncomfortable, or if it’s the fact that I have to rely on other people for so many things which I clearly hate.

Food seems to be my enemy. This baby (or my body) is wanting nothing but sugar. Cookies, ice cream, pasta, bread… anything that has a lot of sugar in it is unfortunately what I want. I’m still waiting for my glucose test results, but I can already see them being bad. I try to avoid it, I really do, but it’s like it’s all I can think about. Even when I think I’m being good, I’m really not. Those prepackaged oatmeal packs are so high in sugar content!

All-in-all, this pregnancy is pretty normal. I’m struggling to find words to even type out because it’s nothing new or exciting. I can say that Emma is very excited, but in an “I don’t really know this is real” way. She tickles the baby (my belly) all the time, says that the baby is laughing or happy, says she feels her kicking… but she’s just imagining it all. Or playing pretend. If I hold her in my arms, she will even yell “the baby’s coming out!” I don’t think she really knows there’s a baby in there, or that in nine short weeks the baby will be here and our worlds turned upside-down. In the meantime, she can keep kissing my belly and loving on her baby sister as practice for the real thing. ;-)

I think that while we wait out this last bit of time we have left, I will spoil Emma greatly. I want to enjoy this time together, before she’s no longer the center of my universe, but HALF of it instead. 

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