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I just love eating out. No dishes, great food, and usually some leftovers for work the next day. Can’t get much better than that right? I mean, if I had all the money in the world I’d probably eat out each and every day.

The family and I usually make it a point to go out to dinner once a week. I know it sounds silly (I mean, I’m always one for saving money and eating at home), but I like to get my girls out and about and into the real world. They can take in new sights around them, try new foods, and practice their etiquette. Yes, we are constantly telling Emma “you can’t be that loud in a restaurant, people eating around us don’t want to hear your toy play music all the time, and please don’t talk about your privates or going poo while we are in public.”
Anyway, this week’s choice was Noodles & Company. The girls have only eaten here one other time, but let me tell you that there is never anything left on their plates in the end. I’m pretty sure Emma has their name memorized now so that when I let her pick it might just be “Noodles” instead of “Old McDonald’s” next time. Sounds great to me!

I usually stick with the tried and true Mac and Cheese for Emma and Alice, and honestly, I’ll probably switch to getting a full portion of it for myself next time we go because I tried a bite of theirs and WHOA. It’s good. Way good. Beyond good. GREAT. Seriously folks, I thought McAllister’s had good mac and cheese, but this takes the cake! The kids meals let the kiddos pick two sides too, and of course Emma picked strawberries and a krispy treat this time (last time she was good and got broccoli), which I guess in the end worked out well because girlie ate the whole darn thing. Kid tested, mother approved, right?

I got a buff bowl this time which I had tried before and loved, and I loved it just as much this time because I devoured it. I’m sure I chewed a couple times. Haha. The hubs got the same thing he always gets… the Steak Stroganoff. I think he told me how good it was about a dozen times. Yes, it is good, but it’s a LOT of food. Alice (my one year old) loved it just as much and shared a bunch of her Daddy’s food.

And guys, don’t leave without a crispy treat. It’s the perfect dessert and I think they make it with love because they are so good. Melt in your mouth good. I mean, just look:

So, I bet you’re wondering why I’m going into such detail about how good our dinner was.

Noodles & Company’s Anniversary Celebration is June 13th through June 17th, and they have a ton of deals and fun stuff going on. I think you should go! Here is a list of the events:
  • Tuesday, June 14, guests will be able to purchase a Noodles & Company 16-ounce tumbler for $10. With the cup, guests will receive free refills (with the purchase of an entrée) now through December 31, 2016.
  • Wednesday, June 15, the first 10 guests in line between 6:00 pm and 6:16 pm, will receive a free Noodles Bowl and a Noodles & Company swag bag featuring plenty of Noodles & Company freebies.
  • Thursday, June 16, one lucky winner at three different St. Louis area locations – chosen at random – will win a Noodles & Company prize pack including free Noodles for a Year.
  • Friday, June 17, guests at all locations will receive a free Crispy dessert, in the shape of the No. 10, while supplies last. 

But that’s not all…

Starting Monday, June 13th through Thursday, June 16th, Noodles & Company is asking guests to kick off the festivities by participating in the ‘Best of the Guest Recipe Contest.’ Throughout the week, guests are invited to create a new dish by selecting 10 ingredients from a menu of options via physical drop box at each location, or online at  www.hamraenterprises/10yearsofnoodles

*The recipes must be completely original – not based on an existing menu item – and must feature exactly 10 ingredients from any of the five following categories: noodles, sauces, proteins, vegetables and herbs and seasonings.

Then, on Friday, June 17th, the top three recipes – deemed as appearing the tastiest as well as the most creative by the judges – from each location will be selected and then cooked to order and sampled by each location’s management team. One winner with the best recipe from each of the eight Noodles & Company locations will be selected to receive a Noodles & Company prize pack that includes free Noodles for a year. All eight winners will also have their photo and “dish” on display in their local restaurant during the month of July and one lucky grand prize winner, of the eight, will also receive 10 gift cards worth $10 each to give away to friends and family.

I really hope you attend the festivities at least one day. Kids enjoy going to Noodles & Company because the food is good, the atmosphere is very kid friendly, and they have those awesome coloring sheets. Parents love it because the kids love it! Plus, it's super affordable, duh.

In all seriousness, it's fresh food at low prices. The great tastes are just an added bonus. ;-)


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Now, what should my next dish be at Noodles & Co. ?

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