Alice in ONE-derland

My baby girl is officially one year old. Yep. One whole year.

I started planning months ago for her first birthday party, which as you know, has become quite the “required to-do” since Pinterest came into existence. If I allow my inner old lady to come out, I’d probably even call it a circus of an event.
Back in January I started scouring said Pinterest for an idea. At the time, it was all about winter parties, so when I searched “first birthday party” all of the results that popped up were a “ONE-derland” theme, as in Winter Wonderland. Wow. Isn’t that just fitting? My Alice was really going to have her wonderland.  *I never would have chosen Alice in Wonderland if it weren’t for the clever play on words; ONE-derland.

Now, let me tell you that I am probably the most un-crafty person out there. My Dad can make just about anything, but give me a hot glue gun and the only outcome will be burnt fingers. However, I was bound and determined to make this party something special. I found the coolest ideas on Pinterest, but when it came down to it, I wasn’t about to spend a fortune on decorations that I’d only use once. Instead, I’d buy a few things here and there that I thought would be useful (and always with a coupon), and then piece them all together in the end. All-in-all, it worked out well and I only spent another $60 on decorations and serving bowls the two days before the party. I may need to buy more ink for the printer now though. Oh well.

The food fiasco was just that… a fiasco. We over estimated on the sides, and under-estimated the amount of meat (burgers really). We did a barbecue for the food (I wasn’t about to get all creative with the food too), so it was lots of hotdogs, burgers, pork steaks and ribs, but the burgers were such a hit that we were out of them quick. Oops! Then, the sides were potato salad, pasta salad, tomato and cucumber salad, pinwheels, veggies and chips. Let me just say that my fridge is packed to the brim with sides. The ladies in the deli did not give an accurate weight to person ratio. I’ll be eating it all week at work.

Then, let me tell you that my forgetfulness was on high with everything going on. I forgot the foam floor for my parents’ basement (although it’s probably a good thing now), I forgot the crock-pot to hold some of the meat in, I forgot to give Gene the house key when he made a special trip home to get the forgotten crock-pot, I forgot the SD card for the camera (so I barely have any pictures), I forgot to cut up and put out the celery, I forgot the blue streamers for the back porch, and I forgot the cookie stick things I bought forever ago for the dessert table. Honestly, I don’t think I even remembered to put shoes on Alice that morning! I was all distraught over forgetting everything too. It was one thing after another. Then, because I procrastinate (I’ll never change, no matter how many times my parents lecture me), I was finishing up the decorations and cupcakes when the first people started arriving, so I forgot to get pictures of all of my hard work! **I took some after the party, trying to cut out the disheveled tables.



 Looking back now though, the entire party was actually pretty great. There were about 40 people there, so I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone, but I made sure that the birthday girl was with friends her age (you know, start building lasting friendships young), and all of the family got a chance to hang out together. It was 3 or 4 hours of chaotic fun! We are all completely exhausted from it, and to be honest, I’m almost excited to get back to reality and work tomorrow. I said almost.

And Alice got the most wonderful gifts! None of them were necessary, but all of them are so appreciated (I won’t feel so bad about giving away all of her baby toys now). I hope I can get the thank you cards right… there were so many kids helping her to open gifts that I couldn’t even see straight!



I am so blessed to have such amazing friends and family in my life. And now, for my kids to have amazing friends and family, I am over the moon excited for them. Just think of all of the great memories they will make!

There is nothing better as a parent than your kids being loved and being happy.


Now, onto getting Emma’s birthday party planned and ready (it’s in one month)!

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