Save Some Money with Groupon Coupons!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. 

This past weekend I had made a trip to the local grocery store, and while I was checking out a couple ladies behind me made a comment about how I had a lot of coupons. They went on to say how they wish they could use coupons as well, and then we get started on how I used to use so many more before kids too (you know, when I had the time to search the web for them too).

My husband and I are all about saving some money here and there. We almost never eat out without a coupon or some sort of deal running, and I never buy any apparel or accessories at retail. In fact, almost anything you can think of I won’t buy at retail (except things like milk, formula, etc.), and if I do pay retail it’s usually generic.

I wouldn’t call myself cheap or frugal, because I usually don’t put a limit on the amount that I spend at once, but why would you ever pay retail if you didn’t HAVE to? Why would you pay full price if there was a coupon out there? I just don’t see the point in wasting money, even if it’s just a couple bucks.

With that said, I’ve recently been informed on Groupon Coupons. Have you heard of them? I know you’ve heard of Groupon, but did you know that had coupons? I didn’t, but I checked it out and I was shocked. It’s not what you’re probably thinking – local restaurants, online deal sites, etc. – it’s big names giving BIG discounts.

Here are some examples of the stores that are on there:
Kate Spade
Finish Line
Office Depot/Max
Saks Fifth Avenue – Off 5th
Ulta Beauty
World Market
And so many more!

Some of them take you directly to their sale page on their shop site, and some of them give you a coupon code to use (which you wouldn’t have found anywhere else)! Seriously, there are so many. You need to check it out yourself. Click HERE to see a list of coupons by store.

The Kate Spade sale is an awesome deal (and a limited time), the Kohl's coupon is for anything related to swimwear which is right on point with the start of summer, and the Macy's coupon is for 20% off of sale and clearance items! That last one is a doozy. I'll probably be checking that one out first.

I hope that you get as much out of Groupon Coupons as I'm sure I will. Being a Momma of two, I can use all the help I can get to save a buck or two. Especially since I buy the girls too many clothes (my husband's words, not mine, haha).

Do you have any luck with coupons like I do? Share your tips!!! And let me know if you come across any deals too good to pass up in Groupon Coupons! *I’ll do the same!

Now, lemme' see if Groupon has a coupon for some ice cream. ;-) 

**Groupon is also on Social Media! Find them on Facebook and Twitter today.**

I was asked to review Groupon Coupons and post my thoughts. I have given my honest opinion in this post… and that opinion is that they’re awesome! All thoughts, comments and suggestions are my own.

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