Mother's Day - 2016

Mother’s Day was this past weekend. It was kind of overcast, but still, a beautiful day! Did you enjoy it?

My day started with my littlest one sleeping all night, but waking right at 6am to play with her crib toys. You know, those toys that you hang on the side of the crib? Anyway, the hubs got up with her to give her a bottle, but my toddler woke up at the same time. This is the girl that usually will sleep past 7!! They must’ve known that I wanted to sleep in; we can’t have any of that. They all came into the bedroom and gave me my gifts (Darius Rucker tickets and a spa certificate).

After a couple minutes of trying unsuccessfully to get Emma to cuddle with me in bed, I gave in and got up. The plan was to go to Denny’s for their killer Pecan Whole Wheat Pancakes. So. Good. We started getting ready right away, and as usual, Emma wanted to wear a dress or skirt. Luckily, she didn’t put up much of a fight and I got her into a matching outfit with her sister. Their Grandma bought the outfits for them as an Easter gift. She picks out the cutest clothes!

We made it to Denny’s, and lemme’ just tell you that Alice is in this phase now where she doesn’t want to sit and wait for her food. She either wants it right then and there or she wants to get up and walk around. So, after we ordered, I took her over to the waiting area and she walked around for a while. I say “walked around,” but in reality she mostly stood there and lifted up her skirt for everyone to see her bloomers. That girl just gets so shy that she can’t stop tugging on her clothes! If she didn’t have a skirt on, she’d tug at her top or onesie until it was all stretched out. She’s so silly.

The food came and we gobbled it all up. Emma is in a phase where she doesn’t want to eat though. She takes a few bites and then she claims to be full; yet she will ask for dessert every time. Alice on the other hand will eat and eat and eat. She is a growing girl! To give you an idea, if she just has formula (like at bedtime), she will have around 11 ounces at once. Emma never ate that much and she was almost twice Alice’s size at this point!

After breakfast we decided to go to the St. Louis Outlet Mall because I needed to pick up some new pajamas for Alice, yet it wasn’t officially open yet. We rode a couple of the little rides in the mall, went to Burlington Coat Factory to waste some time, and then when 11:00am came around I went to Carter’s and the hubs took Emma to the play area to play for a bit. I purchased the pjs, and we left to head to my parents’ house.

My Mom and I were going to go to the movies to see Mother’s Day, but of course they were sold out. So, we went to buy a few things (and look for Shopkins), and then we headed back to their house to eat some BBQ. After “dinner”, Emma napped and my Mom and I ran another errand. We got back, Emma woke up, and then we headed home to get ready for the week.

All-in-all, it was a great Mother’s Day. I spent the day with my girls, and my Mom. I know I do that almost every weekend, but that’s just because that’s what makes me happy! I enjoy my Mom’s time, and I love being with my girls. My hubs did a great job making sure I was spoiled, and my girls gave me lots of love. I’m a happy Momma.

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