One Box, Lots of Fun!

When I was growing up (ahem, when I was a teenager), there was a hit cartoon called Rugrats that was the funny, yet seemingly real portrayal of babies and toddlers. Remember it? Now, as a Mom of two, I find myself noticing the similarities between the show and my house!

I’m sure you’ve heard the joke that you buy a large toy for your child, and yet all they want to play with is the box that it came in. In that particular episode of Rugrats, the box was a racecar, a space ship, a tv and more. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s no joke! It’s completely legit!

We made a trip to a local grocer that does not provide you with shopping bags, but instead encourages the use of reusable bags of your own, or for you to take home the large boxes that the food comes in. And then low and behold, we had a brand new toy!

One box, and my girls were provided with a couple hours of fun. We did get a few bumps and bruises, and lots of “Alice won’t let me in,” but it was a good time nonetheless.

One simple thing can give a family such good times; great memories in the making!

*We also had a BIG box a few weeks ago, and lemme’ tell you that an even bigger box can lead to more fun, including flipping in it, but then even more tears when we get in trouble for hurting our sister. Here they are pouting after being scolded. LOL!

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