Birthday Party Season!

I don’t know about you, but I love little kids’ birthday parties! I couldn’t even begin to tell you what I like so much about them (the cake, the present-opening, the screaming and fun being had), but I get so excited weeks beforehand and then the day of I’m a bundle of nerves to get there on time so that we don’t miss out on any of the fun. Yes, I’m being 100% honest. I realize you probably don’t feel the same way.

Before I had kids myself, I couldn’t even imagine stepping foot into a birthday party for anyone under 21. If you know me, or are a follower of mine, you’ll know that I never wanted kids until about 12 months before Emma came along (it was like I woke up one day and said “I want kids now!”). But now that I have kids (two amazing girls), I get all kinds of excited when they have fun things going on in their lives!

This past weekend we were invited to not one, but two parties! Of course they were on the same day and almost the same time. I wasn’t going to attempt to be at both, but with a quick change-up, we were able to be at both parties! *I just wish I had more time with Emma’s close friends (and mine) at the first one.

Both parties were outside, and the girls had a ball! Alice didn’t attend both, only one, but she still had enough fun to tucker herself out.

We have another party this coming weekend, which is at a very adventurous gym (it was there last year too, and Emma was terrified to go into it really). We will see how that goes. I’ll bring Gene with me this time though to wrangle the baby; I need time to talk to the Mommas there too!

We are also in full party-planning mode for Alice. Her party will be around the corner, and I can’t wait to do a post about that! Hint – It’s going to be a ONEderful theme!

Do you find yourself getting excited about kids’ parties like I do?

About the Parks (STL Metro):

One park that we went to was Berry Park in Eureka, MO. It was a great park with lots of different options on the playground. It was all very clean, and I didn’t see anything that was broken or unkempt. If you’re out in the South County area, I’d recommend giving it a try sometime.

The other park was actually at the Town Hall in Hamel, IL. Looks to be a very small town, but the park was pretty large! It had odd things that I’ve never seen before, but they were things to climb on which the adventurous kids really loved. My Emma though would only do the slides and swing. And the teeter-totter they had there of course was a big hit for her as well. Alice tried to get into and onto everything she could… shocker.

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