President Who?

Even as a child I was always excited by the thought of getting to vote. I’m not sure why really, because I didn’t fully understand what voting was really about at that age. I knew it was getting to put my opinion into action, in a way, or getting to throw out there my two cents on an issue in a yes or no fashion. However, today, I am dreading next Tuesday.
I am what you would consider “Middle Class.” My husband and I work for a smaller salary each year, but we DO work. We own two houses and two cars. We pay taxes. We consider ourselves to live paycheck to paycheck (although we manage to have a savings account). We pay for our healthcare, our groceries, our clothing.
While I do like President Obama, if stays in office the Middle Class is at risk of being pushed one way or the other; more than likely to Lower Class. I feel like he views America as Rich or Poor… I’m neither.
While I like half of the “Obamacare” initiative, the other half will increase EVERYONE’S health insurance premiums and deplete the payments to doctors from the insurance plans. Who did you think would be paying for all of the medical bills of those who have pre-existing conditions? Them? No.
While I like Mrs. Obama’s “Healthy Children” acts (still part of “Obamacare”), I think it’s ridiculous to act as Big Brother and tell parents that if they send their kid to school with the wrong foods in their lunch the food will be thrown away and they will be given the school lunch (I can list multiple reasons this is bad).  I’m sure red beans and rice for those Hispanic kids do not meet the standards, or curry for those Indian children. 
The other issue is that I’m not too sure about Romney. I mean, he promises things that he probably won’t or can’t keep. He doesn’t seem to project a good presidential vibe. He makes so many attacks on Obama (only half of them are even accurate).
In an ideal world, there would be two Presidents; one Democrat and one Republican. They would each make their cases on an issue and an unbiased party would vote for what is best for our nation. I would feel much more comfortable if this is the case I think.
You may be reading this and think I am naïve. I am. I don’t watch debates really, I don’t have time to read the newspaper this year, and I’m blocked from all websites mostly at work so I can’t catch up there either. I don’t feel that I can talk to people about it because I find that people are strictly and passionately either Democrat or Republican. I don’t consider myself either (although I’m told by a lot that I should be Republican since I’m Middle Class).
Oh, did you know that some people think that politics and religion go hand-in-hand? I’ve heard that Obama thinks he is the Anti-Christ. Man, I’ve heard so much about this.
I want to vote, but I don’t want to make the wrong choice. What if I vote Obama and he adds more to the “Obamacare” crap, or worse? What if I vote Romney and he tries to change too much, too quickly and it all backfires? I just. Don’t. Know.

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  1. girl i just found your blog and i love it. i feel the same way about politics, I'm not really that into it because i feel like they all lie and no one really accomplished anything. I'm rally down the middle too, i took a quiz recently to see if I'm republican or dem and i was derm on some issues and repub on others. but i do not like Obama and do not like Obama care. didu know there is now going to be a 3 percent tax if you sell your house? we are looking to move in the next few years and now well have to give that money to the government for no reason, so they can turn around and do good knows what with it. I'm just very scared and nervous about the state of our country and how it will be when our kids are grown.