Noodles & Company - Review

You guys... I had the most awesome thing happen to me! As a newer blogger (I've been doing it for years, but I only really took on the public role more recently), I was so extremely excited to be contacted by a well-known company to attend a tasting to review their restaurant and offerings! And when I say extremely excited, I mean that I almost jumped out of my seat and ran around the building! And as a bonus, their food totally rocks!!!

Noodles & Company is a pretty well-known establishment around the St. Louis area; I had never been to one though. They have eight locations that are up and hopping, and they are about to add a ninth in St. Charles this summer. They feature up to 120 menu combinations and offer something for all tastes, dietary restrictions and ages; if you're a family with children, it may interest you to know that they have family nights every Thursday night from 4-8pm that would allow you one free kids entrée with the purchase of one adult entrée (I can't remember if a drink purchase is required, but you may as well get one because they have probably just as many drink choices as they do pasta). Seriously... take them up on that offer while you can (only going on through March)!

One other neat fact, is that they have 14 varieties of vegetables on hand, and they make all of their sauces from scratch. I'm sure you've guessed by now, and you're right... everything is fresh! They don't own a freezer or microwave. Their kitchen is actually pretty tiny because they don't have cans or containers of sauces, it's all individual ingredients in a fridge that they MAKE when you order it. Yeah, that's right. It's awesome food, made right then and there.

Let me go back to the family aspect really quick. They cater to all ages, and they understand exactly what a family is looking for. They even have the coolest coloring sheets for the table; they take up half of the table so that everyone can reach, and are designed to face every direction so that each person at the table can participate without looking upside-down the entire time. Also, they offer a few different kids meal options, including Wisconsin Mac & Cheese (their number one seller) and grilled chicken with broccoli.

For the adults out there who like to have an adult beverage with their dinner, Noodles & Company offers a variety of Schafly products and a couple different wines to choose from. Or, you can stick with the soda options and choose any combination under the sun.

Down to the good stuff. Something that Noodles & Company was showcasing to us bloggers, is all of their menu options that are under 500 calories. There are a lot! Looking for a light lunch option? They have it. Looking for a filling dinner that doesn't blow your calorie count out of the water? Look no further! Here is a chart to see just what they have to offer:

On to the options that we were given to try out.


Margherita Flatbread - Wow. This appetizer was a hit among the group, but it's VERY cheesy. I'm not sure I would order this for myself, but I think I was one out of ten that felt that way. My husband and kids would love it I'm sure. Even with all the "stinky" cheese, it was very light and refreshing with the fresh herbs and veggies. $3.49

Potstickers - This was super yummy! The filling was delightful. Meaty, yet light. Very flavorful on its own, but it did come with a yummy sweet sauce. But beware! The sauce packs some heat to it! $2.99 for 3


Chicken Noodle - I've never really been a fan of chicken noodle soup. I like heavier soups because otherwise I could just eat an app and drink some water. This soup did have a very nice chicken flavor to it, and it had big beautiful egg noodles in it! As usual, the veggies were fresh and held their own flavor instead of taking on the chicken taste. $1.25, $4.49, $5.89

Tomato Basil Bisque - OMG. That's exactly what I said after my first bite. O. M. G. You guys... I can't even explain how good this soup is! If I had to pick my favorite thing from the entire tasting, it would be this soup! And you know what, I've NEVER been a fan of tomato soup unless I'm dipping a grilled cheese in it. But this soup. OMG. Just try it. Seriously. Do it. You won't regret it. You'll probably buy a second bowl. $1.25, $4.49, $5.89


The Med - This Mediterranean salad is pretty popular, but it is another dish with stinky cheese. If you like feta, this is the salad for you. It also has noodles mixed in with it, so if you're looking for a salad that is light and filling, this one is probably the one you want to go for. $1.25, $4.40, $5.80

Chinese Chop - Wow, this salad has a LOT of flavor. It's really pretty too! The wonton strips and sesame seeds give it a nice added crunch, and the dressing is soooooooo good. Almost like a teriyaki. If you're looking for something different (not the same old ho-hum salad), give this one a shot! $1.25, $4.40, $5.80


Whole Grain Tuscan Fresca - I'm usually not a fan of whole grain pasta. I'm very sensitive to textures, and whole grain is always very, well, grainy. This pasta I think a lot of people would like, if you're okay on the texture (and the graininess of this one isn't nearly as bad as others I've had). It almost has a "diet food" feel to it though, so if you're dieting and don't necessarily want to be, I'm not sure I'd go with this option. $4.49, $5.89

Penne Rosa with Shrimp - This pasta was one of the last that we tried. It is nice and creamy, but not heavy (you're not going to walk out feeling like you ate rocks). I didn't try the shrimp (allergic, but not deathly), but the consensus around the table was that it was VERY good. I think there were a few people just eating the shrimp out of the bowl at the very end. Haha! $4.49, $5.89 +$2.29 for shrimp

Buff Bowls:

Now, before I get into describing these dishes, I want to point out that even if you've been to Noodles & Company before, this is probably something you haven't had. It's fairly new, and let me just tell you that they are SO good. I usually go for heavier meals because I don't like to pay for something and be hungry in two hours, but this option is spot-on! 

Japanese Pan Buff Bowl with Steak - Steak and mushrooms with fresh veggies on a bed of spinach, and a light and sweet sauce mixed in? Um, yes please! The mushrooms were pretty large, but they weren't too shroomy (my plus one Cayla didn't care for mushrooms and she ate it, by accident... but she was fine). I thought it was very tasty, but unless it's a thick bone-in steak, I'm not one to order beef like this. $4.49, $5.89 +$2.79 for steak

Pesto Buff Bowl with Pork - Holy WOW. This was by far my favorite entree. I've been thinking about it ever since! It's just pork with pesto and cheese on top of fresh, uncooked spinach. So simple and soooooooooo good. $4.49, $5.89 +$2.79 for pork

Tuscan Fresca Buff Bowl with Chicken - I wasn't a fan of this one for some reason. The tuscan sauce might be vinegar-based, so that could be it. I didn't hate it, but there were so many other options that I liked more. If you're wanting something with a lighter flavor, this one is it (and stinky cheese). $4.49, $5.89 +$2.59 for chicken

Bangkok Curry Buff Bowl - I think this one had tofu on it. Haha. The flavors were really wonderful with this one. I thought it would be weird because of the curry aspect, but it wasn't. It was different, but still yummy. And I'm pretty sure I can say that I ate tofu! $4.49, $5.89


Rice Krispy Treats, Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Snickerdoodle Cookies - Do I really need to describe these? Yum! I will say that the rice krispy treats are make fresh twice a day, and they might be the best ones I ever had! $1.79 each

Plus, did you see how great the prices are?!?!?! Seriously great deals for great food.

Now, if you ask me what I would get the next time I go...

Side Tomato Basil Bisque soup, Small Pesto Buff Bowl with Pork, and a Rice Krispy Treat! $7.53! Go on family night, and Emma can eat free! This should be top on a family's list of go-to restaurants.

Once the St. Charles one opens up (it's way closer to me), I'm sure you'll see us there all the time! And when you see us, be sure to say hi!


  1. I haven't eaten here in a while - I love the Penne Rosa but looks like they have some new things I need to go try!

  2. I love everything from this place!