My Alice is 8 Months Old Already

It really is true when they say that with your first child, you document all milestones, and capture every big moment, then with your second child you just do what you can. I can’t imagine what those with three or more children do…. Are there even pictures of them? Haha.

Poor Alice, all I really have is pictures of her. I didn’t do a baby book, and I never really posted to Facebook any of her achievements so far. Shoot, I didn’t even realize that I never really even blog about her at all. Major mommy fail.

So, while I have another pressing blog post that needs to be posted, I thought I’d put it on hold and blog about my baby girl. She has brought so much joy into my life, I can’t even explain it. It’s like my heart wants to burst each and every day because I have Emma who verbally tells me that she loves me and I’m her best friend, and then I have Alice who loves for me to cuddle and kiss her all the time. While the rest of my life might seem like a mess, they are both perfect, each in their own way.

From day one, Alice has had a very different personality than Emma. Emma was loud and was never happy, and Alice is pretty quiet and almost always happy! Alice is very daring with trying new things, while Emma took her sweet time and was very cautious. Emma loved all foods and couldn’t get enough, while Alice is picky and she’s usually done after a small amount. Seriously, just everything is different.

Here are the firsts that I was able to capture (thank goodness for smart phones):


July 11th – First Smile

August 15th – First “Real” Laugh

August 27th – Perfected the Head Raise

September 2nd – Gripping Toys with Ease

September 19th – First Real Play with a Stuffed Animal (hugging, interacting, etc.)

September 25th – Supported Sitting like a Champ

October 4th – Started Using a High Chair

October 10th – First Time in the Walker

October 12th – Found her Ear

October 20th – First “Real” Time with Baby Food

November 23rd – Really Sitting on her Own

November 29th – Held Her Own Bottle for the First Time

December 12th – Crawled for Real (instead of military crawling)


January 6th – Got our first shot of her teeth. By this point, she already had 5, with one more getting ready to pop through.

January 9th – She saw her first snowfall. She just liked how cold the window was.

January 12th – Started on the real food somewhere around this area. Maybe just after the first of the year.

January 23rd – She now sits in the cart like a big girl.

A big one I think I missed was her rolling over for the first time.

What I haven’t gotten a picture of yet, is that she can now stand on her own. She doesn’t take any steps yet, but she will stand unassisted for a solid couple seconds before grabbing onto something. Oh, and she can climb now too (ugh, slow it down kid)!

She has two more teeth about to pop through (which will be 8 teeth already), she doesn’t have much hair at all, her face gets chapped very easily, and she has patches of eczema on her arms and legs (Emma had that too). I think she will be walking in just a month or so (she already walks with a push walker). She hasn’t even gotten close to talking, but her babbling is now more pronounced. Meaning, it has gone from being mostly noises in her chest and nose to actual “ba, ba, bo, bo” sounds coming from her mouth.

I’m already planning her first birthday party. I can’t wait for this little girl to show everyone what she’s made of.

Eight months old already… time is flying by.

To my Alice –
 I love you more than words could ever tell. You fill my heart to the brim and some days I think I could die from loving you and your sister so much! I hope you continue to explore the world around you like you do today (just maybe not eating so much paper along the way). You couldn’t be more beautiful, and I hope that you see and remember that when you’re older. I also hope that you and your sister Emma continue to love each other as much as you do today; Emma may not always want to play with you, but man when the feeling comes over her, it’s like she could eat you up from loving you so much. I’ll do anything for you baby girl, for the rest of my life (within reason – no tattoos, no dating ‘til you’re thirty, etc.). 

Love, Mommy.

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