Emma's New Name Labels - Label Daddy Review

A while back, I had an epiphany. Here, I was writing Emma’s name or initials on all of the toys she had chosen to take to school for “Show and Share,” when I could have been using labels! Duh!

I pondered getting a label-maker, but honestly, would I really use it for anything else? I don’t know how much they cost and it’s going to take up space in my tiny house with no storage, so is it really worth it? I kind of tossed it out of my brain until I found an online company called Label Daddy.

It was super easy to place an order online. I literally just picked out the size, the design and then typed her name. That’s it. Boom! I had labels.

When I got them in the mail, I opened them right away and I read the information on the package. What I didn’t realize when I was ordering (but it says it everywhere on the site now that I go back and look), these labels can be put on clothing and still washed! So no more writing on all of her school jackets and hats! Seriously, I’m so excited about this. I mean, I kept thinking to myself “How is Alice supposed to wear this later on to school when it already has Emma’s name on it?” Now I won’t have to scratch out and make it all tacky.

I showed Emma her name stickers and she was delighted to see Elsa on them. She’s all about Frozen.

She asked if she could put the sticker on the doll that she was taking to school, but like the instructions say, I told her “no baby, only a grown-up can.” So, I put it on the tag for her. FYI - These bad boys stick great!!! I'm not worried at all that it will fall off, or even be picked off by little hands.

And wouldn’t you know it, the sticker was the first thing she showed her teacher and friends at school. Hahaha, who cares about the doll, look at the sticker with Elsa on it!

Long story short, we got some awesome name labels and we couldn’t be more happy with them.

If you’d like your own labels, click HERE and use the promo code USFAMILY20 to get 20% off of your entire order!

*I was given the opportunity to blog about my experience with Label Daddy and their product(s). In this case, I was offered one free set of labels for my honest opinion in return. In no way was I swayed to give a positive (or negative) review. 

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