Are You Feeling the New Year Feel???

I don’t know about you, but every year, starting the day after Christmas, I get so excited for what the new year brings. No, not New Year’s Eve, or having New Year’s Day off work (although that’s great and all), but it’s just this feeling of starting over. Isn’t that weird? I mean, even the air smells different to me! “Air of new things to come” I guess. ;-)

You’re probably thinking “She can ‘start over’ any time of the year, so why only now?”

I’ve thought a lot about why I feel this way, and I think it’s just all of the hype pulling me in. “New year, new you. Get organized! Lose weight!” Your Facebook feeds are undoubtedly flooded with posts about it, as well as Twitter, Instagram and even more so your Pinterest pins. I take the time to read a lot of them, some of them I even read the full article behind the link, and I think to myself “oh, the possibilities!”

But then I’m slapped in the face with real life. Ouch.

Take for instance, the recently popular Konmari method – it was revamped to include “Konmari with kids.” Or something along those lines. I got all excited by the message it was giving, and the pretty picture on the link; I’m pretty sure I had big Power Puff Girl eyes all in awe and excitement when I was looking at it. When I clicked on it though, I think I read the first four of fifteen methods, and I gave up. That quick. Honestly, my three-year-old isn’t going to help me with this… she’s not even going to give me the time to attempt it by myself! Lol. I guess I’ll stick to throwing all of her toys in a toy bin in the living room for now.

I see all kinds of “Ikea hacks” for getting organized as well. Basically it’s telling you how to fit additional storage spaces into your tiny living quarters. Great ideas actually! I’ve looked at a lot of these, and I’ve been to Ikea recently to figure it all out on my own… but I’m not rich enough to fulfill what is required for these hacks. Yes, Ikea is inexpensive for most things, but when you have to buy ten things to make one “hack,” you’re not really doing yourself any good. I did buy a lovely hallway shoe organizer/hider since all of us are notorious for not putting our shoes away.

And the most popular one I see (I’m sure you’ll agree) is about losing weight and getting fit. I’m not a dieter. I hate restrictions. The worst thing about being pregnant was not being able to eat and drink what I wanted, IF I wanted to eat or drink it. Just that fact that I couldn’t eat lunch meat made me crave it all nine months. And exercise? Who has the time for that? I know I don’t right now. So for me to go on a diet to lose weight, I’d only crave the things I couldn’t have and continue to sit on the couch watching Andy Griffith with the girls (okay, so this part isn’t really true because I never get to really sit until 9pm). I’d probably end up gaining instead of losing!

So then, what’s left for me? A new hair do? A new outlook on life? Puh-leez. Haha! Even if I had my hair done, I’m probably not going to keep up with it or do it daily, and will wear it up to work the majority of the time. And to have a new outlook on life, you’d have to get over the fact that the world is getting more crappy by the day – I could probably do this if I cut off all forms of social media and unplugged from the internet (trust me, I’ve thought about doing both of those things). *This makes me sound all Negative Nancy, but I’m really not!

So, I guess my feeling of “New year, new possibilities, fresh new start” will stay just that – a feeling. I’ll continue to look forward to Valentine’s Day as I always do (I just love Pink and Red this time of year), and I will try to stay as organized at home as I possibly can with two little ones. I’ll also make sure that we continue to play and have as much fun on the weekends as possible instead of catching up on house chores. Kids are only kids for a short amount of time, am I right?

Oh! I did make myself a New Year’s Resolution – to take more pictures of people and things other than my children (or in addition to I should say). I don’t want my friends, family and readers to think I’m only about my kids (even if I AM only about my kids, rightfully so, haha).

So tell me, are you feeling the “New year, new you” vibes? Are you changing up anything for the new year? Do you have a resolution? I want to hear! Don’t be shy!

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