Valentines - For Kids

If you know me, you'll know that I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day. It goes right along with the start of a New Year, meaning, I get all the feels. And the closer it gets, the more intense it gets, and I just LOVE everything!

I can remember as a kid, picking out my pack of Valentine's Day cards, cutting them out, and filling in the "To" and "From" areas. Then, the daunting task of deciding who should and should not get one (okay, I never had to do this part because I always gave one to everyone), and more importantly who should get which because you didn't want to give a boy the wrong idea. Then you'd go through the cards you received and see who gave you one, what they wrote, and what kind of cards they chose. Or even better, if you got any candy with them! Back in my day, only the expensive ones came with candy, so they were few and far between.

Man was I sad when I got to middle school and was "too old" for all of that.

Then, in high school, it turns into something altogether different - who crushes on who, who gets the most Valentine's balloons and who gets none (I may have been the one to get none), who has a boyfriend and who doesn't, who has a secret admirer, and so on and so forth. Oh the drama.

Lucky for me it's all in the past now (okay, waaaaaaay in the past) and I have a daughter in preschool that gets to take valentines to school!

Now, as I'm sure you undoubtedly know, we live in a world of over-the-top and all things Pinterest. So that means that as a full-time working Mom of two, I have to get on the ball now! Otherwise we will have a repeat of last year where I just buy an old-fashioned box of Valentine's cards and Emma takes them to school with a big bag of marshmallows to share. Oh, the joys of NEVER having enough time. *Thank goodness I had planned on making rice krispy treats weeks before Valentine's Day and didn't get around to it!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you've probably seen me pinning for a few weeks now. I think I have found my course of action for Emma (shhhhhh, it's a secret), but I found so many cute ideas, that I wanted to showcase some of them in my blog just in case other Mommas out there are looking for a good idea.

Here are my top faves (besides what I'm making of course):

Awesome Sauce - Strawberry Applesauce - Easy, Healthier and Super Cute!
BEE My Valentine - Burt's Bees Lip Balm - Cute and Practical!
Tic Tac Toe - Tic Tac Candy/Mints and a Game - Great for Older Kids!
Punny Fruit - Fruit and a Clever Card - Parent Approved!
Hugs & Kisses - Candy Kisses & Hugs in a Baggie - Easy and Kid Approved!
Rawr - Dinosaur Toy - Great Non-Food Choice, Minimal Work, Great for Boys!
Melted Down Crayons - Great Non-Food Choice, Multiple Options, Little More Time-consuming.
Kool Drink - Koolaid Jammer - Different idea, Easy to do, Kids love these!
Cookies & Milk - Oreos and Swirly Straw - Little more money, Hit with the Kids!
 You can find all of these and more on my Pinterest Page! *You'll be able to view the steps and how-tos for each of the ones listed above, and then some.

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