Valentine's Gift Ideas for Men

For years, I'd stick to the same old gift to give to Gene for Valentine's Day. A watch. Then once we had kids, we almost stopped with the gift-giving altogether (to save money); it's little things here and there, if we remember. Well, I think that's all due to change. We need to start recognizing each other again, as well as the kiddos. So, this year, I've been searching early for something new (and quite possibly unusual) to give to him. Here are five things that I came across while looking that I think might work for some of my readers out there. 

1 – The typical winner of the bunch, chocolate covered strawberries. I will probably try to make these myself for the hubs this year, and I’ll be using the Pioneer Woman’s recipe!

2 – A very attractive and manly bracelet perfect for the father of a little girl. If my husband and I ever did anything other than work or stay home all night, I’d totally get him this. Find it HERE!

3 – A funny mug for coffee drinkers. I just think this is hilarious! It’s totally something I’d use too. My hubs is a cold coffee drinker, otherwise I’d probably get him something like this for at work. Hahahaha, I bet is co-workers would question if there really was bourbon in there. Find it HERE!

4 – This is a cute card for a Doggie Dad from the fur-baby. If you’re looking for something unique and you have a dog or two, this might just fit the bill. Find it HERE!

5 – A token. This token in particular would be for maybe a wallet or briefcase, but I’d like it for the car as well. This is actually my favorite of all of the ideas, for more than one reason. The main one being that it’s a good way to show your husband that he’s needed by the family, and that you want him to stay safe when he’s away from you. There are multiple variations of course.  Find it HERE!

I hope this helped you in your journey for the perfect gift for the man in your life.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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