Week 32 Check

I had my Week 32 check last night (3 days earlier than 32 weeks). While I was in the waiting room with 5 other pregnant women I found out that the doctor had to leave unexpectedly for a delivery. I thought for sure I'd have to reschedule, again, but a nurse practitioner (who was brand new to the office) was available to see me. I jumped on the chance because I love hearing from yet another doctor about my concerns.

Stats: 9 pounds gained total, BP was 110/70, Baby's heart rate was 136 and my belly is at a whopping 33.

Concern: Why have I only gained 9 pounds, is it okay, and how is my belly at 33 with only 9 pounds??? Nurse (whose name escapes me) says that not everybody gains weight and I've really only gained baby weight. I asked if it was okay and she said that baby seems healthy and my numbers are all normal so everything is great. I should be happy about a little 9 pound gain so far, but it's still in the back of my head that I'm doing something wrong.

What I wanted to talk about but didn't was my side/back hurting. It is my right dorsi muscle. I can only sit down for about one hour before it becomes excruciating. Having a desk job is a pain, literally. I ended up not bringing it up because really, what am I expecting her to do? So, I've decided to do more stretches, and get up to move more at work - this is hard as I am the insurance help desk as well and I get a ton of calls. If this just keeps getting worse though, I expect to be on bed rest before the end.

Side note, the hubs took me to Waffle House after completing our second registry last night. I had an "eyes-roll-into-my-head" experience with my food and now I can't stop thinking about it. I'll probably make another trip there soon. :-)

Oh, the registry. Yes, we did our second registry last night, of all places Wal-Mart. I've heard so many people say that baby registries are too pricey and such, so we decided to do Target and Wal-Mart. The only thing about going that route is that there were quite a few items to register for that I didn't because I couldn't find anything I liked at either. So, the hubs and I will probably buy our own stroller, car seat, carrier, and a few smaller items at Babies 'R' Us or online. It's not a big deal really, just kind of disappointing. I thought for sure Target would have everything!

Less than 2 months to go now! Let's hope it flies!!!



  1. Yay! So excited that you have a blog! I was having serious hip pain and night and since I had a few visits to the chiropractor, I feel a million times better. Check to see if its on your insurance! Mine covers 20 visits a year for a $20 co pay each time.

    Also - I was dissappointed with the selection at Target also. Why is the baby section there sooo tiny!?

    1. I got on Target's website Wednesday night, and I ended up adding some stuff. Their online selection is fabulous! But, I'm not thinking too many people order from online so I'm anticipating purchasing a lot on our own. No big deal though.