As I progress along I get different cravings. No, nothing weird at all, just certain things. Today, I ate potato salad twice. But, it has to be the most asked question so I thought I'd make a list of all of my must-haves.

- Brown Sugar Pop Tarts (toasted)
- Chocolate Milk (half gallon is lucky to last 3 days)
- Decaf Tea (this is a HUGE one for me)
- Deviled eggs (if I didn't hate making these I'd eat daily)
- Ice Cream (was never a big ice cream fan before)
- Doughnuts (3 Krispy Kremes at a time unfortunately - like a whole container of Crisco, blech!)
- Strawberries (go through a carton in a couple days)
- Brown Sugar and Maple Oatmeal (2 packs at a time)
- Cocoa Krispies (we keep about 3 boxes at a time now)
- Hot Dogs (burnt on the grill or blown up in the microwave)
- Chicken Nuggets (overly cooked and chewy)
- Snow Cones (Omg, TropicalSno is the best!)

Weirdest one yet:

- Tuna salad sandwich with potato chips on it. (I HATE tuna, and all fish really)

As you can see it's mostly sugary or processed. I guess becuase I didn't eat a lot of it before I want it now, I don't really know, but I feel guilty a lot of times. Baby B better like some veggies because I'm hoping to go back to normal after delivery.

One thing I'd like to eat... dirt. My iron isn't low or anything, but just the smell alone is wonderful, so I want to eat it. I've been telling the hubs to find me some clean dirt. I want some that no bugs have been in, and no dogs have pottied on. I cannot help it. I also think that's why I like strawberries so much lately, and tap water; I get a hint of dirt taste with them. Damn, now I want it again. Ugh.

So, nothing too crazy yet. I'm sure I will hit a crazy stage at some point. And even though the hubs thinks it's weird I eat deviled eggs for lunch with cereal for dessert, it's not weird because it's not at the same time.

Til next time.


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